Edvard Munch: His Trademark Is Very Primal

Born today was Edvard Munch.

His painting “The Scream” is the weirdest,  you thunk?

Wherefore the scream? This may sound absurd,

He was stumped by the New York Times Thursday crossword.

File:The Scream.jpg

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Tags: 1863-1944


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  • One site indicates that he had a lot of psychological stuff going on, including plenty of anxiety, especially about the Oslo bridge. That site also has a lot of stewing over "Puberty."

    Your rhyme also depends on whether you have the correct Norwegian pronunciation of his name.

  • In reply to jack:

    Not sure what happened to thelink; will try again, or go to edvard-munch.com.

  • Jack, it's a slant rhyme, a latitude allowed in verse occasionally. But the "unk" sound is a good approximation of how we tend to pronounce his name in English.

  • Thanks for the inspiring post, AW!

    The Scream is such a powerful work--it may be universal, but it is definitely a painting of the modern age....

    About that lurid sky----it may be from Krakatoa eruption . It was mentioned in Simon Winchester's book on Krakatoa (Turner sunsets also inspired by the volcanic ash). That book is on my wish list, ha ha.

    Thanks again.

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