Connie Mack: The Only Octogenarian To Manage a Major League Baseball Team

Born today was Connie Mack;

Memories of few will extend so far back

To when he was catching in baseball’s young  days,

Or recall the half-century he managed the A’s.*

He also owned the team. Sometime now banned in Major League Baseball.  By the way,  that suit he’s  wearing in the dugout?  Now verboten too.

“You can’t win them all.” [Connie Mack]

I guess he knew from experience. Even though his teams won 5 World Series titles, they also finished last 17 times!



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  • Apparently he was the George Halas of George Halas's day.

    Which reminds me that originally, I thought that the Black Hawks didn't have a coach, just some guy in a suit. It hits me as sort of weird that baseball managers have to wear uniforms; usually they are fat guys who don't look good in them. I mean, could you imagine Thibodeau in some Adidas jersey and long shorts?

  • In reply to jack:

    I wonder, Jack, if the Professor, Casey Stengel, would have looked more debonair in a Brooks Brothers suit.

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