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Henri Matisse: He Mined Decoupage in His Golden Years

Today’s birthday is Henri Matisse’s Who later in life would  cut up  paper pieces. And spatially put  them  close by or apart. And voila! concocted a signature art.   “Cutting directly into color reminds me of a sculptor’s carving into stone. ” (Henri Matisse)

Rudyard Kipling: He Was Once the Mouthpiece of British Imperialism, By Jingo!

Born today was Rudyard Kipling, Once read by every British stripling. The Raj he placed his tales  in, Like Rikki-Tikki-Tavi and Gunga Din

Pete Dye: The Genius of Fairways, Of Course

Today’s the birthday of Pete Dye. Designed many courses where  pro golfers vie. Aesthetically pleasing they are to the eye, Where duffers and golf balls can  mutually lie.   [Pete Dye’s course at French Lick Resort in Indiana]   Top Pete Dye Course You Can Play Whistling Straits (Wisconsin) The site of the 2004 and... Read more »

Mortimer J. Adler: "The Great Bookie"

  Born today was Mortimer Adler Who discoursed on the Great Books like that of the sad Lear. On the substance of  matter and form that define us, On wise Aristotle and my favorite Aquinas. “If you are reading in order to become a better reader, you cannot read just any book or article. You will not... Read more »

Louis Pasteur: He Put the Heat On the Germs

  Born today was Louis Pasteur; For rabies and anthrax he discovered  a cure. In microbiology his fame never dies. His shelf-life endures in the word ‘pasteurize’. “Emperor Napoleon III  enlisted Pasteur to save France’s wine industry from the “diseases of wine”. In previous experiments, Pasteur had discovered that heating the fermented wine would kill... Read more »

Thomas Gray: His Reflections on Mortality Are Immortal

Born today was poet Thomas Gray, A one-hit wonder, you might say. He’s mainly remembered for being the bard Of “Elegy Written in a Country Churchyard”. The excerpt and illustration at the heading of this post  is from the above book, an edition of the “Elegy” published by The Heritage Press in 1951.  The book’s... Read more »

Isaac Newton: Santa Must Obey His Laws of Motion

Born today was Sir  Isaac Newton Perhaps the greatest mind in science. Yet  not  conceited or  highfalutin, He said he stood on the shoulders of giants.  

Howard Hughes: A Classic Case Study: Money Can't Buy Happiness

Born today was Howard Hughes. As an aviator we’ll give  him his dues. He amassed a fortune on this globe But died a pitiable  mysophobe.*   *An irrational fear of germs. The above artist conception of Hughes in his last days is based on eyewitness accounts. There are no actual photos of him after 1956.... Read more »

Joseph Smith: The American Moses

Born today was Joseph Smith He received from God a Revelation Which his disciples carry with Them proselytizing  every nation. Merry Christmas to all in the Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter-day Saints!      

Connie Mack: The Only Octogenarian To Manage a Major League Baseball Team

Born today was Connie Mack; Memories of few will extend so far back To when he was catching in baseball’s young  days, Or recall the half-century he managed the A’s.* He also owned the team. Sometime now banned in Major League Baseball.  By the way,  that suit he’s  wearing in the dugout?  Now verboten too. “You can’t win them all.” [Connie Mack] I... Read more »