Franz Lizst: Flamboyant Concert Pianist---Prolific Composer

Today’s the birthday of Franz Lizst.

In Weimar a princess with passion he  kissed.

Then at the keyboard he did glom

And wrote the piece called Liebestraum.

“After the concert, he stands there like a conqueror on the field of battle…the hearers look at each other in mute astonishment as after a storm from a clear sky, as after thunder and lightning mingled with a shower of blossoms and buds and dazzling rainbows, and he the Prometheus who creates a form from every note, a magnetizer who conjures the electric fluid from every key, a gnome, an amiable monster who now treats his beloved the piano tenderly , then tyrannically; caresses, pouts, scolds, strikes…and then, all the more fervently, with the fire and glow of love, throws his arms around her with a shout, and away with her through all space, he stands there bowing his head, leaning languidly on a chair with a strange smile, like an exclamation mark,, after the outburst of universal admiration: this is Franz Lizst.” [Viennese Reporter]


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