Bill Gates: Uses His Money to Buy Happiness for Others


Today’s the birthday of Bill Gates,

Not  one of Dame Fortune’s ingrates.

A humanitarian with a Microsoft heart*

He’s  raised his philanthropy into an art.

*Gates  has given over $36 billion to various causes and charities. He has even  pledged with fellow Forbes Richest 400  Warren Buffett and  Mark Zuckerberg , Facebook CEO , to donate half their wealth for charitable work.

Author’s Note:  I have a very personal reason for choosing the Gates’ photo above:  my daughters-in-law, Katie and Toni, think it looks a lot like me.  Which probably falls in the category of looks can be deceiving.



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  • Oh, no! How can this be: an evil capitalist doing charitable works?

    Aquinas, are you trying to give collectivism a bad name? Please, stop!

    Setting the Wayback Machine to the 19th Century, I am reminded of another capitalist pig who contributed towards so many libraries across the US: Andrew Carnegie. I see them all the time in my travels.

    As for looking like Bill Gates, there is danger in that, as so many people despise the Windows Operating System. I'd suggest plastic surgery so your looks jive more with Steve Jobs.

  • In reply to Richard Davis:

    As for those libraries you see on your travels, Richard, I do hope you stopped in to read about the power of good works, no matter who does them.

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