Robinson Crusoe: The Prototypical Survivor

Born today was Robinson Crusoe.
Haven’t read Defoe? Please do so.
Based on the tale of a real shipwreck,
His survival, you might say, was real low-tech.

“I know not what to call this, nor will I urge that it is a secret, overruling decree, that hurries us on to be the instruments of our own destruction, even though it be before us, and that we rush upon it with our eyes open.”   [Robinson Crusoe]

Are you listening, Republicans?


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  • From the second illustration, it isn't clear that Robinson Crusoe said anything.

  • ‘Not without cause do the Indians worship Shiva, the God of destruction. Filled with the joy of destruction, wars clear the air like thunderstorms, they steel the nerves and restore the heroic virtues, upon which states were originally founded, in place of indolence, double-dealing and cowardice.’ - Jacob Burckhardt

  • In reply to 4zen:

    Can you say 'non sequitur'?

  • Yes, and with your partisan blind spot, I am sure you say it a lot.

  • In reply to 4zen:

    No, I only say it when I see one. BTW. a partisan blind spot is precisely what the Tea Party is afflicted with. Ask Peter King of New York's 2nd District.

  • Your right Aquinas, you correctly identified a partisan blind spot, now can you identify your own?

    Just recently, you gave a momentary nod to Jack when he mentioned what the Democrats had done to Illinois. Did it really register?

    Why do you buy into the delusion of partisanship? Does it help you sleep?

  • In reply to 4zen:

    The only things I'm partisan about are human rights and equal justice under the law.

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