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Yogi Berra: Catcher in the Wry

Born May 12  was Yogi Berra Greatest catcher of his era. His Yogi-isms* make us grin Like deja vu all over again.   *My favorites: 1. When asked if the fans who ran naked on the field were men or women, Yogi said, “I don’t know. They had bags on their heads.” 2. “You can... Read more »

Daphne du Maurier: Created An Avian Apocalypse

Born the 13th day of May Was Dame  Daphne du Maurier. Hitchcock read her Gothic  words Then  made the chilling film “The Birds”.

Georges Braque: Deconstructing Perspective

Today was born iconoclastic  Braque Who once made  art conventions  rock. He squeezed his colors from oil tubes And painted what he saw in cubes.

Mary Kay Ash: "People Are a Company's Best Asset"

Born today Mary Kay Ash Cosmetics made her lotsa cash. Best businesswoman many think* Who reaped big profits in the pink.** *In 2000 Lifetime TV  named her best businesswoman of the 20th century. **She loved the color pink. Her products were packaged in that hue. And she awarded pink Cadillacs to top-earning consultants. The company’s... Read more »

Florence Nightingale: "Angel of the Crimea" Who Founded Modern Nursing

Today’s birthday is Florence Nightingale’s. She was “The Lady of the Lamp”. She helped the wounded fightin’ males* Recover in a cleaner camp.** *Nightingale’s efforts reduced the death rate by 2/3. ** “In addition to vastly improving the sanitary conditions of the hospital[at the British base in Constantinople],Nightingale created a number of patient services that... Read more »

Salvador Dali: The "Father of Surreal Art" Persists in Our Memories

Today’s birthday is Salvador Dali’s, Whose paintings dealt in Freudian follies. His images seem often  hellbound. He did the dreams in Hitchcock’s Spellbound*. *In an 1962 interview with Francois Truffaut, Alfred Hitchcock explained why he chose Dali to design the dream sequence in Spellbound: “I wanted to convey the dream with great visual sharpness and... Read more »

Fred Astaire: Consummate Film and Stage Dancer-Actor-Singer-Choreographer-Mirabile Dictu

Born today was Fred Astaire* Who danced as if he danced on air. And once to demonstrate  his feeling He even danced upon the ceiling. *What others said about him: 1. Graham Greene: “Mr. Astaire is the nearest approach we are ever likely to have to a human Mickey Mouse; he might have been drawn... Read more »

Oklahoma at the Lyric Opera: Not to be Missed!

If you haven’t moseyed over to see Oklahoma at the Lyric Opera House, you better hurry. It skedaddles out of sight on May 19. If you do get tickets, you’re in for quite a blockbuster of a show. The enchanting immortal  melodies of Richard Rogers and the inventive inspired lyrics of Oscar Hammerstein II have... Read more »

J.M. Barrie: Maven of Make-Believe

Born today was J.M. Barrie* Created Tinker Bell, the fairy, The faithful friend of Peter Pan Who wouldn’t grow into a man.   *In his own words: 1. “If growing up means it would be beneath my dignity to climb a tree, I’ll never grow up, never grow up, never grow up! Not me!” 2.... Read more »

Fulton J. Sheen: Greatest Televangelist

Born today was Bishop Sheen* Who spoke of God’s love on the screen. He said we’re good, but often ain’t. And soon he’ll be declared a saint.   *In his own words: 1. “Capitalism denies that economics is subject to a higher moral order.” 2. “Some will not look on suffering because it creates responsibility.”... Read more »