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Norman Vincent Peale: It Positively Is His Birthday

Today’s birhday is Norman Vincent Peale’s. About whom Bishop Sheen once wrote how he feels: St. Paul’s appealing, but St. Peale Is appalling a great deal.*   *”As a Catholic rooted in Thomistic scholasticism, Sheen rejected the Calvinist predestination of [Rev. Billy] Graham and the soothing nostrums of Peale….Sheen appealed to the medieval past to... Read more »

Gale Sayers: The Elusive Kansas Comet

Born today was Gale Sayers One of football’s greatest players. Flashed across the gridiron runways; Rarer than a month of Sundays.

Bob Hope: Comedy King of the Road

Today’s the birthday of Bob Hope Whose nose resembled a slalom slope. The early Road pictures with Crosby are What made him such a big film star.

Jerry West: Supreme on the (NBA) Court

  Born today was Jerry West Who reached Pro basketball’s ultimate crest. Recognized from Tobago to Togo As the NBA’s distinctive logo.

John Wayne: The Pride of Winterset, Iowa

Born May 26 was John Wayne,* Western hero, right as rain. Quintessence of American. His best role was the Quiet Man. *Go to for information about the John Wayne Birthplace museum.

Julia Ward Howe: She Wrote the Spiritual That Informed and Inspired the First Memorial Day

Today’s the birthday of Julia Ward Howe, Remembered for one poem now. Her Battle Hymn still resonates And every patriot elates.*   *”Mine eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the Lord: He is trampling out the vintage where the grapes of wrath are stored; He had loosed the fatal lightning of His... Read more »

Jay Silverheels: Played the Faithful Companion of "Who Was That Masked Man?"

  Born today Jay Silverheels Played Tonto in Lone Ranger reels. On the silver  screen one of his hobbies Was iterating kemosabes.* *trusty scout or faithful friend in Potawatomi

Queen Victoria: The Longest Reigning British Monarch

Born today was Queen Victoria. Whose marriage was at first euphoria. But when the  Prince, her Albert, died, She absolutely died  inside.* *And became the byword for conventional propriety and a prudish, strait-laced morality.

Beverly Sills: Unforgettable Operatic Voice

Born May 25 was Beverly Sills* Soprano with coloratura skills. Gave opera buffs aesthetic thrills When singing duets with Sherrill Milnes. *About her voice (from Wikipedia): “Sills voice has been described at the same time ‘rich’ ‘supple’ ‘silvery’ “precise’ ‘a little light, multicolored’ ‘robust and enveloping’, with ‘a cutting edge that can slice through the... Read more »

Frank McHugh: He Played Father Timothy O'Dowd. Doesn't Ring a Bell?

Born today was Frank McHugh Which may prompt you to ask me “Who?” A character actor in his day. Bing Crosby’s pal in “Going My Way”.* *Dialogue in the scene pictured above: Father O’Dowd(McHugh): I just dropped by to see if Father O’Malley could play a little golf this afternoon. Father Fitzgibbon(Barry Fitzgerald): You did?... Read more »