Frank McHugh: He Played Father Timothy O'Dowd. Doesn't Ring a Bell?


Born today was Frank McHugh
Which may prompt you to ask me “Who?”
A character actor in his day.
Bing Crosby’s pal in “Going My Way”.*

*Dialogue in the scene pictured above:

Father O’Dowd(McHugh): I just dropped by to see if Father O’Malley could play a little golf this afternoon.

Father Fitzgibbon(Barry Fitzgerald): You did? Where’s your parish?

O’Dowd: Right over there, St. Francis.

Fitzgibbon: Well, now, about your golf. Of course, I can’t answer for you, but at St. Dominic’s we’ve very little time for games of golf and such like. If you were working for me, all I can say is that you wouldn’t have time for it either.

O’Dowd: It’s lucky for me then that I’m at St. Francis.

Fitzgibbon: It’s my hope St. Francis can say the same.

O’Malley(Crosby): He’s got you there, Timmy. Good, Father, very good. Father, why don’t you come with us? It’s a grand game.

O’Dowd: Sure, we’ll teach you. A man is never too old to learn. Lot of fresh air on the golf course.

O’Malley: And profanity, too.

Fitzgibbon: No, a golf course is nothing but a pool room outdoors.






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