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Carl Friedrich Gauss: Prince of Mathematicians (But Not of Husbands)

Born today Math genius Gauss Who told, it’s said, his dying spouse, “I’m working on a problem, hon, Please wait a moment till I’m done.”

William Randolph Hearst: Controversial Mogul of the Press

Born today William Randolph Hearst. Orson Welles’ Citizen Kane, Whose rise to fame and power was curst By Rosebud  tracks down memory lane.

Lionel Barrymore: His Mr. Potter Would Be a Republican Today

Born today was Lionel Barrymore, The evil Potter he portrayed. He was no match for Clarence or The friends George Bailey found he’d made.

Mary Wollstonecraft: Her Daughter, Mary Shelley, Created a Monster

Born today in 1759 Was Mary Wollstonecraft. A feminist by her design At whom the men in power laughed.

Ulysses S. Grant: Happy Birthday...Unconditionally

Born today was President  Grant, A General who  hated cant. He drank a bit and smoked cigars. The model of a man from Mars.

"We are such stuff that dreams are made on" And Six Songs about that 'Stuff'

My fellow blogger on ChicagoNow, Jack Spatafora, wrote about dreams the other day and got me thinking about them.  There are nocturnal ones and ones we entertain  fully awake— aspirations or even visions like in Dr. King’s “I Have a Dream”speech.  They can be  frightening, kooky, convoluted, adventuresome, mysterious, ominous, or wet. The nocturnal varieties ... Read more »

Audubon: His Best Work Was Done on the Wing

          Born today was Audubon Whose given names were James and John. Remembered most by geeks and nerds For painting birds.

Plantar Fasciitis Hurts: No Bull

I’m not 6-11. Not any where near it.  Nor do I play a pivotal position  on  the   Chicago Bulls.  But I proudly can say that I  once  had what Joakim Noah has : plantar fasciitis.  So I sorta know what he’s going through. As a famous Democrat once said, I  feel his pain. Vicariously.... Read more »

Marconi: A Study in Radio Activity

Born today Marconi; he An icon in telegraphy. Because he was so tireless, He gave us all the wireless.

Willem de Kooning: A Brush With Meth?

Born today Willem de Kooning. Expressionistically  communing, What his paintings represented? Ask someone who is demented.