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Easter: Faith, Hope, and Charity

Although it has nothing to do with direction, the name for this day on which Christians celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus, Easter,  is a  very felicitous one.  The rising of the sun in the east mirrors the rising of the Son of God. The Resurrection is the linchpin of Christian faith. Without it, the edifice... Read more »

Kirsten Dunst Tells of a "Disgusting " Movie Kiss

“Disgusting!” Kirsten Dunst said when She kissed one of film’s famous men. And whom did she refer to? It Was handsome leading man, Brad Pitt. Surprised? She  was eleven then.

Bulls Win with a Defense Better Suited for the Mean Streets Than a Basketball Court

The Bulls ended the Heat’s 27-game winning streak last night. So I suppose such a  signal victory should  automatically  make this Bulls fan overjoyed. But it doesn’t. Instead it leaves a sour taste in my mouth. I have to agree with Lebron James, who despite  being  Public Enemy No. 1 for many Bulls fans,  is... Read more »

Urine Gaming System: Not for the Lame Stream Media

(Based on the Chicago Tribune Sports Article “Urine for a good time at minor league park”) At Coca-Cola Park In Allentown, PA. There’ll be video game The men will  pee to play. In  front of urinals They’ll  open and take aim Engaging with a screen To score high in the game. Then later with a... Read more »

Why Curry Took a Powder: Behind the Scenes on the Today Show

Matt Lauer Gets about 75 thou an hour. He hated Ann Curry So she left in a hurry. Now with the  ingenue Savannah, He’s once again the top banana. Al Roker, May or may not  be a joker. He does the weather Standing up or on his nether. When Curry left,  he took a whack... Read more »

Bill Maher and the Holy Trinity

Memo to Bill Maher, Host of Real Time with Bill Maher on HBO: Mr. Maher, I’m a great fan of yours, but that’s not why I’m writing.  I’m writing to clear up some theological debris you left behind in your last show. Now I do  respect your opinion about you know whose existence.  And I’m... Read more »

Miley Cyrus Goes to Twerk

While my coffee this morning was perking, The Today Show had something on “twerking”. And it said Miley Cyrus Had a case of this virus Which involves the backside overworking.

Taking It Out on the Weather Man (or Woman)

If Spring were a mimic, its impression of Winter would be uncanny so far.  Last year we basked in the 80s. This morning my hands froze. The weather guy (or gal) deserves a one-finger salute.  Right?  At least if you buy into the mindless chatter on the local TV news outlets.  They’re always giving a... Read more »

When Will Derrick Rose Return? The $260 Million Question.

Derrick Rose might be a superstar, but he puts on  his Adidas like the rest of us (if  you could afford to):  one foot at a time.  So if the latest reports are right that he’s physically fit but not mentally ready,  at the very least he could deign to   dress up for a... Read more »

Lululemon Is Making Asanas a Little Too Transparent

ABC News Fashion Note: Vancouver-based company Lululemon is recalling see-through Yoga pants. WARNING: Women doing yoga With their booties Lululemon in: You might be putting at great risk The mystique of your feminine.