Reflections on an Oscar Souffle

sethSouffle?  Well, that’s what  Oscar is, after all : a puff piece for the Hollywood crowd.  A shameless bit of self-promotion, narcissism and self-adulation.  But we all love it, nevertheless. I offer a few personal takes on yesterday’s epiphany in the following list.

1. The actor John Goodman may be the key to winning in 2014.  He appeared in  “Argo” which garnered the Best Picture Oscar last night and was in last year’s Best Picture “The Artist”. Goodman played a cinematic  special effects make-up man in” Argo”, and a silent movie director in “The Artist”.  What’s his next movie part?  A stuntman?

2. Is the red-carpet routine getting a  little worn?  The cinematic sirens  seemed so blase when they were fawned upon by the interviewers who waylaid them en route to the show. After a perfunctory nod to the designer, most of them strutted and posed with about as much  energy as a slug.

3. How many ways can you say “stunning” anyway?  Or “you wear that dress so well”?  Or “spectacular”?  Or any other of the other jaded, overworked, uninspired descriptive adjectives?

4. One of Hollywood adorables was asked the shade of red she was wearing.  She could only come up with “yes, some sort of red”.  Can’t these Stanislavski wunderkinds converse without a script?

5. Age again was the biggest loser.  Witness “Amour” about the married love of an elderly couple.  Fat chance it had to win, even if it were the best film.  Hollywood is nothing else if it isn’t a way to deny the aging process.

6. Speaking of aging, isn’t Dustin Hoffman starting to look like one of the Hobbits? And Jack Nicholson?  Downright creepy.

7. Finally, Seth MacFarlane on the whole did shake  a few coconuts off the Hollywood palms, even though I thought he could have been  more edgy.  I laughed the most at the “Sound of Music” spoof when we waited for Christopher Plummer to enter through the doors stage right, and instead,  after three introductions of the von Trapp family,  had the Gestapo appear announcing their escape.


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  • 1. I watched the Bulls game, which, while garbage, was unpredictable garbage until about half way into the 2nd quarter.

    2. Did Blues Brothers 2 win an Oscar with John Goodman as a poor imitation of John Belushi, and Toronto an imitation of Chicago?

  • In reply to jack:

    1. I skipped the Bulls thinking more games to come. But I didn't think they could beat the Thunder anyway. In my opinion the Bulls are going to be hard-pressed to finish .500 with Rose out, an aging group of lesser stars, and a very inadequate corps of reserves.

    2. Was it nominated back then in 2000?

  • In reply to Aquinas wired:

    2. Doesn't appear to have been (based on web research), but are you implying that it would have won if it had, or just answering a question with a question?

  • In reply to jack:

    No. Yes.

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