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Happy Birthday, Charles Dickens!

In 1812, on this day, Charles Dickens was born. I don’t know if he was born with a caul like David Copperfield, who was modeled after Dickens himself. An old wives tale had it that such a birth—with the amniotic tissue covering the face—was a stroke of good luck. If so the good luck is... Read more »

Starbucks Along the Ganges

  Starbucks is selling in India now Where tea is the national drink; The Hindus would  call it a  sacred cow: Are they ready for coffee, you think?

Jim Harbaugh Regrets Passing Over the Run

I read in today’s Trib  that the Head Coach of the 49ers, Jim Harbaugh,  has pangs of  remorse for masterminding  those incomplete passes at the Ravens 5-yard line.  I had no dog in the fight, but I wonder myself why he did. And though I’m not  a pro-football insider, I got the impression early on... Read more »

Lost and Found: What Remains of Richard III Under the Wheels of Fortune

They found the royal  bones Of  evil  Richard the Third Below a modern  parking lot, His fate ironic and  absurd. This villain who would  trade His kingdom for a ride Has lain beneath the  weight Of many since he died.

Socrates, Two Apes, and Senators McCain and Graham: Reassessing the News

Some random thoughts on current events: 1.  Republican Senators McCain and Graham aggressively  interrogated Secretary of Defense nominee Chuck Hagel yesterday.  I got the impression at times that  if they could, they would have waterboarded him. 2. A Baltimore Raven cheerleader says she was barred from the Super Bowl for being overweight. She weighs 124... Read more »