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The End of a Meteor

  Can you clear up a small mystery On the naming of  cosmic debris? What’s the right  term employed Is it meteoroid Or is meteorite as can be?

The Centennial of Picasso's Armory Show at The Art Institute: Random Observations

  (Written in anticipation of “Picasso and Chicago” which opens February 20 at the Art Institute) Picasso is noted For taking apart What everyone sees And then calling it art. He puts back the pieces As best that he can And it ends up more nightmare Than when it  began.

Why Benedict XVI Called It Quits: A Popery of Reasons

The world is divided between those who love puns and those who do not.   I’m one of the former. It must be in my DNA  because  I don’t seem to have a choice . Let me give you an example.  This morning I found myself telling my wife that I replaced the mat outside the... Read more »

Rose Says He'll Come Back When 110%: 100% for Him and 10% for his Agent

The Bulls’ D. Rose is on the mend. Will his return be round the bend? We fans need him, but he don’t need us. He gets more money from Adidas..

Ask My Sister-in-law Narda about Art and She Would Say It's a Puzzle to Her

My sister-in-law, Narda, is an accomplished jigsaw artist.  She puts together these incredibly  beautiful jigsaw pictures. Of course some connoisseurs of fine art  might prefer to call her  an artisan. The  artist  being whoever conceived the composition and  design.  But if you would  ever see  the finished artifact of  hours of  patiently interlocking all the... Read more »

I'm a Purist. I Celebrate Lincoln's Birthday Today.

February 12 is Lincoln’s birthday. Once upon a time we even observed it as Lincoln’s Birthday. Nowadays Lincoln and Washington have birthdays together so that  many of us could indulge in  a 3-day weekend. I liked it better when Lincoln had his own birthday. On the date that he was actually born. And Washington had ... Read more »

What Happened the Last Time a Pope Resigned

The sudden resignation of Pope Benedict XVI comes as a great surprise to everyone,  with the possible exception of God.  He’s the first modern pontiff to call it quits. The last time a pope did  was in 1294. Pope Celestine V, for the record. Things didn’t work out too well after his  resignation. Matter of... Read more »

High on the Bulls

Sports  Scoop: Former Bulls guard Jay Williams told the New York Times in an interview that some of his teammates smoked marijuana before games during the 2002-03 season. The Bulls have been put on the spot By a teammate who says they smoked  pot. It’s reported, of course, He’s a credible source, But took ten... Read more »

Dr. Strangelove or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Drone

Our government has become prone To the killing of foes with a drone. Others’ lives are less dear Long as we are secure. My, how callous our leaders have grown.

Painter George W. Bush Cleans Up His Image

  It may surprise and trouble you That he’s a painter, W. A hacker, by name,  Guccifer, Got in his sister’s Facebook lair, Revealing works of Mr. Bush, One in the tub, him on his tush. Another in the shower stall Him standing with his back to all. The critical reception’s mixed; Some panned them... Read more »