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Justice Scalia Should Apologize Not only to Black Americans, But to All Americans

  Yesterday during the arguments before the Supreme Court on whether to preserve and protect  Section 5 of the Great Society’s watershed Voting Act of 1965, Justice Scalia interjected a very  invidious obiter dictum. Commenting on  the renewal of the Voting Act in 2006, Scalia said it was a “perpetuation of racial entitlement”.  In one... Read more »

On Friday, Benedict XVI Takes a New Title

    A pope who quits—so rare it is— Will now be called “Emeritus”. Which all  must  do when they’ve a mind to. Something that Benedict’s resigned to.  

Exercising Good Sense

  (A Reflection on a ChicagoNow blogger’s advice.) Handstands will empower you. I have no doubt that this is true. I also have no doubt at all About the power I have to fall.

Reflections on an Oscar Souffle

Souffle?  Well, that’s what  Oscar is, after all : a puff piece for the Hollywood crowd.  A shameless bit of self-promotion, narcissism and self-adulation.  But we all love it, nevertheless. I offer a few personal takes on yesterday’s epiphany in the following list. 1. The actor John Goodman may be the key to winning in... Read more »

Serpentine Fashion For the Year of the Snake

  (Inspired by a Chicago Tribune Sunday article called “The goods{It’s the year of the snake! Add an exotic touch to your home, or rock a colorful second skin.” She was wearing the skin of a snake Which was slinky and somewhat opaque; But her chic turned to dread As she started to shed And... Read more »

Alexander Hamilton and Friends Talk Gun Regulation

The Federalist Papers (or simply the Federalist) are a  collection of essays written in 1787-88  in  support  of the ratification of the Constitution.  There were 85 of them, most written by Alexander Hamilton and James Madison, and a handful by John Jay. Hamilton, Madison, and Jay are, of course,  three of our revered  Founding Fathers,... Read more »

"City Mom" Fesses Up: Tom Skilling Makes Her Temperature Rise

(On her ChicagoNow Blog ” A City Mom”, Kim Strickland admits to having a crush on WGN-TV meteorologist Tom Skilling.) Kim Strickland says she’s got it bad For weatherman Tom Skilling. She thinks that every high and low He talks about is thrilling. On evenings clear or on those  nights Too cloudy to see stars,... Read more »

In England the Filet May Be a Filly Or Are You Hungry Enough to Eat a Horse?

Culinary Caveat: In prepared foods throughout Europe horse meat is masquerading as beef. In England the beef may be phony And actually come from a pony; And the steer in lasagna From a steed in Espana. And a mare may be in macaroni.

Lincoln's Hat, Or The Price of Fooling Some of the People Some of the Time

In Springfield there’s a hat they say ‘Twas worn by Mr. Lincoln. It has been proudly on display But experts are rethinkin’. The stovepipe hat is from his day, But there’s no proof he wore it. Is it a hoax and did they  pay Six million dollars for it?

No Blue On February's Lunar Palette

Sky watcher’s  Note: Today’s Tribune weather page says that February doesn’t have enough days to have a blue moon. The  groundhog Phil appears  in it, A Valentine heart and  tune. But  never found   in February’s An actual blue moon. It has  Oscar night  and Presidents’ Day, And a  Super Bowl to view. But on ... Read more »