No Blue On February's Lunar Palette


Sky watcher’s  Note: Today’s Tribune weather page says that February doesn’t have enough days to have a blue moon.

The  groundhog Phil appears  in it,
A Valentine heart and  tune.
But  never found   in February’s
An actual blue moon.

It has  Oscar night  and Presidents’ Day,
And a  Super Bowl to view.
But on  coldest  nights you’ll never   hear
Them say the moon is blue.

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  • By definition, at least if Feb. is 28 or 29 days and a lunar orbit is about the same.

  • According to word, the phrase originally was attributed to any idea that was absurd.

    Rede me and be nnot wrothe, For I say no things but trothe:

    "Yf they saye the mone is belewe,
    We must believe it is true." -Bishop of Chichester, 1528

  • In reply to 4zen:

    Funny you should quote the Bishop of Chichester whose cathedral has the same name as the high school I attended: Holy Trinity.

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