Lincoln's Hat, Or The Price of Fooling Some of the People Some of the Time


In Springfield there’s a hat they say
‘Twas worn by Mr. Lincoln.
It has been proudly on display
But experts are rethinkin’.

The stovepipe hat is from his day,
But there’s no proof he wore it.
Is it a hoax and did they  pay
Six million dollars for it?

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  • One article I read said that they were going to do a DNA test on it, but didn't disclose if that was to be on the felt or if they found one of Lincoln's hairs.

    Unless they call out The History Detectives, if they put it on display in the museum in that paragon town of Springfield, nobody is going to know the difference.

  • In reply to jack:

    I read too about the possible DNA test, but I thought the museum curator felt it would be just splitting hairs.

    Last year a picture of Mary Todd Lincoln that had hung in the museum for 32 years was discovered to be a fraud.

    What's next? That isn't Lincoln in his tomb?

  • In reply to Aquinas wired:

    I think they checked on Grant. There was also the story that because of grave robbers, they sealed Lincoln in real good.

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