Subway's Foot-Long Doesn't Measure Up

subwayFast Food Note: An Australian diner alleges that the Subway foot-long sandwich is really 11 inches in length.

At Subway it’s always been neat
That their  sandwiches are sold  in feet.
But there’s now a report
Of  some sandwiches short
By an  inch that  their ads claim you’ll eat.

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  • go try and buy a true 2 x 4 these days, they're all 1.5 x 3.5. Same thing with all the wood sizes. Went thru a home rehab several years ago, probably tore out better wood than I put in. I've been calling for a wood czar for years.

  • In reply to 4zen:

    I wonder if Pinocchio's available.

  • In reply to 4zen:

    Even Don of the Woodsmith's Shop says that. Tommy Mac of Roughcut:Woodworking with Tommy Mac says to mill your own lumber, let it stabilize for a day, and then mill it again. Apparently a 2 x 4 was not a 2 x 4 since the days of Roy Underhill.

    As far as tearing out better wood than you put in, give it to Scott Phillips of The American Woodshop, who likes that kind of wood [preferably walnut, chestnut, or butternut], so long as you use alcohol to disinfect the bird crap and wear a NIOSH mask. So long as it holds a pocket screw, its good for reuse.

    You can tell I watch WYCC Saturdays for skills I can't use.

  • Are we sure that Australia uses the same system of measurements as in the U.S.? For instance, an imperial quart is not a quart, but Canada took care of that problem by going to liters.

    For that matter, I could never figure out why Subway was sold by a company named Doctor's Associates. Shouldn't it instead be called a Colon Probe sandwich?

    I also can't figure out why the guy at Famo's asks if I want my Italian sub sandwich on French.

    This also reminds me of the Walter Jacobson expose on Fox that a Portillo's 12 oz mug of beer was only 10.5 oz. Also, that Walter thinks he is Mexican, because he pronounced it Portiyyo's.

    I guess that this is the reason that other sandwich shops only sell "whole" or "half," not foot longs.

    Finally, based on the signs on the booths at street fairs, I asked my girlfriend whether she preferred a 10 inch Italian or foot long Polish. She didn't offer to get the ruler out, though.

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