Winter's Right Around the Corner, But the Trib Still Has a Rosenbloom.


Don’t get me wrong. I’m a big fan of Steve Rosenbloom, the  extraordinaire sports columnist for the Chicago Tribune. I read his brutally frank pieces all the time. 

But I think he’s crossed the line.  Let me be specific.  His Bear predictions.

While each of the other 8 guys (sexism IS alive at the Trib) takes his weekly prognostication  in earnest, Steve invariably  makes, well, a sport of it.  In his ursine  tea leaves, he  always sees a Bear blowout.  Until the Cutler concussion, the Bears have been winning, of course. So Steve has been good at picking the winner.  It’s his ‘final scores’ I have a problem with.

This past Monday he had the Bears slaughtering the 49ers 42-9.   We all know what happened.  Rosenbloom was only 58 points off! 

OK, he’s making a mockery of the whole process. I get his drift.  But listen, Steve, the faithful need you to treat them with respect.   Football to them is a way of life. No one wants his life to be trivialized or even worse, exposed for what it really is: a silly waste of time.

Get with, Steve.  That’s why you’re writing about sports. Otherwise, you would be center stage  on the op-ed page crafting   a lacerating lampoon about the players of the real games that matter: the ones in Congress and in the White House.

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  • I figured it could be dismissed as tomfoolery when his 16-0 prediction went bad in Week 2. Anyways, most predictions don't mean much, including on Da Bears Blog, unless you have money on the game. I guess Steve didn't collect on Bears +3.

    Anyway, since his radio show is the Wake and Bake Club, we know he is fooling around. Might not have been so obvious when he wanted to assume the mantle of Skip Bayliss, but his recipes are similar to Rick's. Which is another story....

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