That's Amore: A Clerihew on General Petraeus


“So now the tempest tears him up by the roots,
And on the ground extends the noble ruin.” John Dryden (On Marc Antony whose love for Cleopatra done him in)

General Petraeus

Was contrite on the dais.

He succumbed to the surge

Of a sexual urge.


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  • You are making me highlight too many words and then right click "find on [search engine]."

    I remember when Opus (of Opus or Bloom County, or Outland) had a song about Petraeus, I just met a general named Petraeus." That's a long time ago.

    This also reminds me of the Ollie North case, where it was first demonstrated "e-mail is archived."

    Finally, this reminds me of some made for TV movie where teenage girls training for the KGB qualified by first having sex with army recruits, apparently so they could later get secrets from people like, apparently Petraeus.According to imdb, apparently it was "Secret Weapons" (1985). Somehow, at the time I thought that was hot.

  • I love your comments, Jack. Our minds sorta work alike. Every fact, event, or idea seems to be multidimensional.

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