Reince Priebus Wants Second RNC Term: Can You Say "Chutzpah"?


Political News: Reince Priebus,  the Chairman of the Republican National Committe, has announced that he will seek another 2-year term. Who better than someone whose leadership lost the presidency(even his home state of Wisconsin), 2 seats in the Senate, and 7 seats in the House?

Reince Priebus

Should be in a rebus.

His face would be  a doozer

To represent a  loser.

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  • At least 3 of the seats (maybe 2) you can't blame on him, but put on Mike Madigan and Barbara Flynn Currie.

    On the two seats in the Senate, the question is whether anyone could have saved Mourdock and Aiken.

    Or if Priebus would have done better if more would have been put behind The Church of the Holy Santorum in the primaries. Doubt it.

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