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Romney Admits He Lost Because of This Demographic

The fog of the campaign Has finally been lifted. Mitt says that  Obama Got voters more gifted.

What Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham Can Learn from Sherlock Holmes

The Republicans won’t let go of Benghazi. Fair enough. The whole narrative does  need to be definitively replayed and carefully vetted. There are at this moment 4 Congressional committees investigating the incident. On Friday, General Petraeus— who headed  the CIA until his resignation over a  randy escapade— will testify on Friday before one of them, the Senate’s Select Committee on... Read more »

The Fiscal Cliff Fix Is Kristol-Clear

Conservative commentator and Weekly Standard editor Bill Kristol: ” It won’t kill the country if we raise taxes a bit on millionaires.” We’re dangling from a  precipice., (Not actual but fiscal), But we’ll be safe according to Conservative Bill Kristol. “Just raise the tax rates of the rich, An absolute no-brainer.” Which is the mantra of... Read more »

The Governor of Louisiana Lowers the Boom on 'Dumbed-Down Conservatism'

  Bobby Jindal is quite frank: His party intellects are blank. The GOP should smell the joe And try to get back in the know. The scientific revolution Was not a left-wing institution. Why Romney lost? The reason was That stupid is as stupid does.

Ayes of Texas For Secession

There are Texans  who want to secede. From the  Union they want to be freed. It’s unlikely they’d do it, But if so, they would rue it. And my only response is Godspeed!                 

Eros in Afghanistan

   Between sex and the military, Which one has greater powers? Two generals should have been wary And taken more cold showers.

Gingrich Expatiates on Two Generals: Petraeus and Washington

   The Today Show this morning needed an expert to comment on the Petraeus Affair.  Newt Gingrich was conveniently available.  Newt has  appeared on the Today Show more than any other public figure with the exception of  Donald Trump. Trump was evidently busy getting his revolution off the ground floor. There is a kind of cynical logic to the Gingrich choice. ... Read more »

Cool Down, Everybody

As a communication tool, It’s time to do away with “cool”, A word once said by every hippie On both sides of the Mississippi. For what seems awesome or stupendous, For whatsoever else does send us, There must be more precise locutions When our reactions are effusions. So talking head or late night guest, It... Read more »

Lincoln Speaks to Denise Williams and to All of Us on Veterans Day

   Today is Veterans Day. The day we Americans honor our servicemen and servicewomen.  Liberty does not come without a price. It must be defended, and sacrifices must be made so that it is preserved. We ask this of every citizen. But we all know that in the end, it is our military to whom... Read more »

That's Amore: A Clerihew on General Petraeus

“So now the tempest tears him up by the roots, And on the ground extends the noble ruin.” John Dryden (On Marc Antony whose love for Cleopatra done him in) General Petraeus Was contrite on the dais. He succumbed to the surge Of a sexual urge.