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Buying Into Thanksgiving

I remember those Thanksgiving Days When we feasted and gave the Lord praise. Now a person thinks more About sales at a store Than on whether he eats or he prays.

How I Became a Time Traveller (Just for a Day)

      H.G. Wells eat your heart out.  Yesterday I travelled back in time.  For this temporal reversal I owe it all to ChicagoNow and something called QuickPress. This is the order of events, at least as much of it as the gods of cyberspace permit  me to reveal. Thanksgiving morning I sat down before... Read more »

A Thanksgiving Day Confession

I’m thankful for my wife and kids And grandkids this Thanksgiving. I’ve never done what God forbids— I’m lying, but I’m living.

The Stars of the Mayflower: The Naked Truth

This may come as a total shock But on the Mayflower sailin’ And  landing then  at Plymouth Rock Was  kin to Sarah Palin. Among those Pilgrims we hold dear— Their family names we know— Were relatives of Richard Gere And  Marilyn Monroe. Clint Eastwood, and perhaps his chair, And even George Bush II Can boast... Read more »

Winter's Right Around the Corner, But the Trib Still Has a Rosenbloom.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m a big fan of Steve Rosenbloom, the  extraordinaire sports columnist for the Chicago Tribune. I read his brutally frank pieces all the time.  But I think he’s crossed the line.  Let me be specific.  His Bear predictions. While each of the other 8 guys (sexism IS alive at the Trib) takes his weekly prognostication  in... Read more »

'Multiple" is "Many" Wearing a Monocle

“A great many people think that polysyllables are a sign of intelligence.”  Barbara Walters For ‘many’ it’s ‘multiple’ now That’s said by the very highbrow. But  the reason, if any, They do not say ‘many’ I doubt that they  know, anyhow.    

Reince Priebus Wants Second RNC Term: Can You Say "Chutzpah"?

Political News: Reince Priebus,  the Chairman of the Republican National Committe, has announced that he will seek another 2-year term. Who better than someone whose leadership lost the presidency(even his home state of Wisconsin), 2 seats in the Senate, and 7 seats in the House? Reince Priebus Should be in a rebus. His face would be  a... Read more »

The Book of Maroney?

  McKayla Rose Maroney Has a face to win a Tony. If only her iconic smirk Could headline any Broadway work.

There Won't Be a HoHo for Christmas

The head honcho at Hostess has said That the business is ding-dong-witch dead. It’s really no wonder Why it did go under. It didn’t produce enough bread.

Donald Trump Does Not Reflect the 'Magic of Macy's' Or American Values Period

I agree with David Shuster of Current TV.  It’s time we told those who honor and respect  the spiteful,vainglorious pronouncements of Donald Trump: We’re mad as hell and we’ve had enough. It’s time to  pull the rug out from under this disgusting schlockmeister. Enough of tolerating his flamboyantly  fatuous grandstanding.  He’s pure humbug.  A cultural lesion. I recently read one... Read more »