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An Unwelcome Interloper inTinley Park

Local News Item:  The SouthtownStar reports an uptick in the coyote population in Tinley Park. In the far southern suburbs at night The coyote’s a more common sight. But if in Tinley Park I would not fear its bark— As much as I would fear its bite.

My Feet Were Bare and You Gave Me Shoes.

On a bitterly cold night in New York City, a policeman takes  pity on a barefooted homeless man and buys  him a pair of shoes. It happened on Wednesday November 14.  Officer Lawrence  DiPrimo of the NYPD  didn’t know  an eyewitness had  captured his magnanimous act .  That  picture went viral on Facebook. And thousands... Read more »

Lincoln and Twitter Would Not Have Been Incompatible

ChicagoNow blogger Jack Spatafora wonders what Lincoln would have  tweeted.  Certainly many of the Rail Splitter’s  homespun stories would not have made the Twitter cut[140 characters]. That is, short of piecemealing them over a number of tweets. I believe Lincoln, the genius he was, would have crafted his messages for greater brevity.  He was, after all,... Read more »

Tonight the Moon is Full, By Jove!

By Jupiter! What a resplendent  full moon  last night!  And that star to the moon’s right  is really  none other than that ravishing king of our solar system, Jupiter. In his orchestral suite, “The Planets”  Gustav Holst labeled Jupiter  ‘The Bringer of Jollity’.   A good excuse to be jovial tonight too. Besides being the giant star of  our humble family  in  the... Read more »

Romney Will Do Lunch with the President. Menu is Top Secret.

Obama has invited Mitt To his man cave for lunch. No word at all on whether it Means caviar’s to munch.

Be Good Enough, Be Smart Enough, and Don't Worry if People Don't Like You: An Affirmation Pome

Science note: The kumquat [Chinese for ‘golden orange’] was introduced to Europe in 1846 by Robert Fortune, collector for the London Horticultural Society, and shortly thereafter into North America.  Obey the precepts of your heart. Love God and love your neighbor. Give of yourself and do your part. Enjoy the fruits of labor. Fear not... Read more »

Bill Plaschke, the Next Time Put Your Money on the Irish

I’m still on cloud nine. But the  one with the green lining. Notre Dame will play for the BCS championship on January 7. They had to beat arch-rival Southern Cal in LA to get there. And they did,  22-13.  Only after still  another cliff-hanging , jaw-dropping   goal-line stand, with just over 2 minutes to go in the game.... Read more »

"Les Miserables" is a Gift That Keeps on Giving

Tribune theatre critic Chris Jones says “Les Miserables” at the Cadillac Palace Theatre thru December 2 is not to be missed. My wife and I can vouch for that. We attended the Sunday matinee and were bewitched by its power and beauty. The orchestra seats were  a gift from our children. Actually a gift  to my wife on... Read more »

Beauty and the Beholder: Advice from the Battlefield of the Sexes

“Dear Harriette: My husband has a wandering eye, and I need him to stop this behavior. Last week we went on a dinner date, and my husband’s neck was on a swivel. In walks a group of ladies, one of whom caught my husband’s eye. This made me furious, but I did not want to... Read more »

If You're Worried about the Fiscal Cliff, Read "Les Miserables".

Victor Hugo had good advice for our country today on how to close the widening gap between the rich and poor. Listen to what he writes in Les Miserables. “Let us not weary of repeating it, to think first of all the outcast and sorrowful multitudes, to solace them, to give them air, to enlighten... Read more »