Donald Trump Does Not Reflect the 'Magic of Macy's' Or American Values Period


I agree with David Shuster of Current TV.  It’s time we told those who honor and respect  the spiteful,vainglorious pronouncements of Donald Trump: We’re mad as hell and we’ve had enough. It’s time to  pull the rug out from under this disgusting schlockmeister. Enough of tolerating his flamboyantly  fatuous grandstanding.  He’s pure humbug.  A cultural lesion.

I recently read one ChicagoNow blogger who says he is entertained by Trump’s outlandish antics and asinine opinions.    I’m afraid too many people are and  have taken him  seriously. Like Mitt Romney who accepted Trump’s endorsement.  George Will had it right when he called Trump a bloviating idiot.

News outlets continue to use him allegedly to attract an audience.  Commercial interests contract  him to boost their sales.  But it’s time we turn off these monetary spigots  that only seem to validate this  shamelessly self-promoting purveyor of drek.

Trump may have  irremediably destroyed his brand by spearheading  the irrational, malicious  birther movement  throughout the presidential campaign.   Moreover, when Obama won, Trump immediately  tweeted then erased  disturbing messages about a “revolution”.   How irresponsible, pathetic, and repulsive!

So it is time we let the media know that Trump is an unwelcome guest in our homes, a liablility, not an asset, and a 24-carat jerk. NBC, ABC, CBS and other outlets, stop  treating Trump  as if he is an oracle of wisdom, a deep thinker who has vital insights to add to the public discourse.  Macy’s,  jettison this phony who preaches patriotism and has on the racks in your stores a line of clothes made in the sweatshops of China.

He’s merited the status of  pariah. Unless and until he cleans up his act and  undergoes a transformation into a decent, compassionate, intelligent member of the human race. 

Yes, it’s time we lay down the gauntlet  to NBC, Macy’s, and any other entity in our society, commercial or otherwise, and inform them that  such a self-serving manipulative  huckster as Trump is not what America is or  wants.  Now and forever.



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  • I quit going to a certain brand of department store when Macy's renamed and degraded Marshall Field's, so this no longer affects me. Of course, any business that depends on my patronage is in trouble. Since the downtown store relies on selling size 14 women's boots, they wouldn't make much off me, anyway.

    I started actively ignoring Trump when he brought on Blago. For that matter, I wouldn't buy a certain brand of pistachios for the same reason.

    On the other hand, I suggested that Miss "Get Unemployed" give herself some career counseling and maybe she could get a job with Trump. Birds of a feather and all that.

    But I figured that the news media went off the deep end when they were trumpeting "Trump's October Surprise," which turned out to be nothing.

    You don't have any rhyme for Trump and dump?

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