The Stars of the Mayflower: The Naked Truth


This may come as a total shock

But on the Mayflower sailin’

And  landing then  at Plymouth Rock

Was  kin to Sarah Palin.

Among those Pilgrims we hold dear—

Their family names we know—

Were relatives of Richard Gere

And  Marilyn Monroe.

Clint Eastwood, and perhaps his chair,

And even George Bush II

Can boast that they had family there

With passengers and crew.

Just think of it,   if on that  shore

The Mayflower hadn’t rolled

We wouldn’t have Hugh Hefner or

 His stapled centerfold.





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  • At one time they said that just about everyone with New England roots was related to Princess Di. I guess that would include Obama.

    My father said that his "mother said that all politicians look like they have the same mother." To which I replied, "including Obama."

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