When It Comes to Foreign Policy, President Romney Would Be President George W. Bush On Steroids


Monday’s Presidential debate—the finale— will be exclusively about foreign policy.  Overwhelming advantage Obama.

Romney herein  has absolutely NO experience or expertise.   He likes to hype his Olympic Games executive  chops.  But you don’t make decisons about war and peace during track and field.  You don’t  mobilize and deploy  our armed forces for the beach volleyball finals.  And you don’t apply economic  sanctions on a country whose athletes are exposed for using performance -enhancing drugs.

These are far more profound, complex, and far-reaching calls.

President Obama over the past 4 years has restored America’s standing among the World of Nations.  We are no longer perceived as the bully on the block.  We sit down and try to reason with friends and enemies alike.   Rather than use gunboat diplomacy.  Nonetheless, with resolute strength we do not hesitate to declare that all options remain on the table.

Romney’s foreign policy wonks and surrogates are the same gang that brought us preemptive wars.  That lied about “weapons of mass destruction” in Iraq.  And yellow cake uranium in Africa.  The chicken hawks that outted a CIA agent.

More than 2/3 of the Romney foreign policy team are retreads from George W. Bush’s global horror show.  Neocons like itchin’-to-fight John Bolton, and Dan Senor who wants to revive  those good old  Cold War days with Russia. Michael Hayden, and Cofer Black whom Laura Hughes calls “the most vocal advocate for extraordinary renditions and so-called “enhanced interrogation techniques”.

Romney crows about being a job creator.  These are the warmongers and saber rattlers he would find jobs for at the Pentagon and among the  Joint Chiefs of Staff,  on the National Security Council, and  for the Foggybottom folks in the State Department.  For this reason alone, Romney  is not fit to be Commander-in-Chief.


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  • Oh, A, please!

    Next you will be saying he will be just like Reagan.
    Wow, wouldn't that be great.

    Speaking of horror shows, shall we talk the Middle East and the spring that has turned to winter?

    No, that would be a dose of reality. Silly me.

  • another clueless editorial piece...big surprise.

  • What an amazing piece of trash writing. I wonder if a liberal wrote it that is a big Obama supporter.

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  • This is typical extreme left wing blather, especially from this author. No facts, no substance just a whole bunch of nothing. The funny thing is the only people this kind of talk motivates is the extreme left, who is already voting for Obama anyway.

    Aquanias, you ever going to come out of the stratosphere that is the extreme left and write something that can be supported by facts?

  • I early voted at 9:30 a.m. Monday, so basically the Bears game was better entertainment. I'll add switching back to 32.1 during commercials to see how the SF stomping of the Cards was going.

    Now, just get the stinking PAC ads off the TV. Even though we know that Brad Schneider is scum, it won't have any effect on my vote repeating it every 6 minutes.

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