Unintentional Humor in Today's Sports Section


You never know when your funnybone will be tickled.  Sometimes it happens with an ambiguous word. Sometimes with an unintentional understatement. Take these two examples from the Tribune sports’ pages.

“They found the Ford F-150 with a flat tire, he said, adding there was no damage to the vehicle beyond ‘what might have occurred driving through a ditch'”.   So might it  be said: :”There was no damage to the house beyond what might have occurred during a tornado”?

“Assistant general manager Randy Bush received a three-year extention, while head trainer Mark O’Neal agreed to a yet-unnamed position white giving up his current job.”  I don’t know exactly what a ‘head trainer’ is, but it does give new meaning to Cubs “BLUE”.


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  • First one doesn't hit me as so weird. Maybe one wouldn't expect much damage on a truck that merely was being driven through a cornfield. The unintentional humor, if any, is "what was Pudge Fisk doing driving drunk in a corn field in New Lennox?"

    A "head trainer" doesn't necessarily mean someone who trains a head, but someone like Herm Schneider, who goes out to the mound to see if the pitcher had a owie after being struck by a ball hit down the middle. What hits me as strange is what is "a yet-unnamed position" when someone apparently was canned. Sounds like the old "left the company to pursue other opportunities" phrase for being fired.

  • Thanks, Jack, for your point of view. The Fisk escapade made me wonder to. What was this catcher doing in the rye?

    I found it droll because of the assertion that there was "no damage" than what one would expect driving through a ditch. Well, that could mean just about anything, right? If one drives into or through a ditch, there would certainly be more than "no damage". Your imagination is forced to determine how much.

    As far as the "head" trainer reference, my mind definitely took a more scatalogical turn than yours perhaps did.

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