Soccer and Prostitution: Odd Bedfellows


Sports Note: A local Greek soccer team is being  sponsored by a brothel.

A soccer team in bankrupt Greece
Desperately needed a  cash-flow increase,

Barring sponsorship, ‘twould fold
And so it turned to something old.

To a profession Everyman
Has patronized since time began.

To Soula’s House of History,
Where love’s on sale legally.

Now everytime they make a score
It’s due to one made by a whore.

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  • Well, you have the Chicago Quakers vs. the NY Red Bull in soccer, and even the MagicJacks in women's soccer.

    There was a report on NBR that the NBA was going to sell advertising where the "NBA Finals" patches were on their uniforms. While the players apparently don't need this "service," most of the fans probably do.

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