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So You Think You Know American Poetry? Take This Quiz and Find Out If You Do.

It’s time for a quiz on American poetry.  At least, I thought so after I read the ChicagoNow blog OMB (Oh My Books) about the reading of poetry aloud.  No poetic license is required  to take the following test. Match the American poet with his or her line of verse. 1. Walt Whitman                                           ___”The only emperor is the emperor of... Read more »

Biden's Smile Makes Republicans Blue

What is it about Biden’s smile That engendered Republican bile? So he showed every tooth When he heard an untruth, But sincerely he did it  with style.  

A Win-One for the Gaffer

Way to go, Joe!  You kicked keister! Last night in Danville, Kentucky, Smilin’  Joe Biden lifted his party’s presidential hopes into the stratosphere. He was pugnacious, but mostly with a velvet glove. At times, Biden’s poise and commanding presence made Ryan look like a fish out of water. Which is probably why he was incessantly taking drafts of it.  Ryan... Read more »

Mitt Unremittingly Mutates

More often than not Mitt will say That the answer is yes or a nay. Then his staff will retract And as quickly redact What he said on the very next day.

Campaign Lies: The Elephant in the Room

When the polls  favored President Obama, the Republicans dismissed them as invalid— skewed to Democratic voters. Now after the apocalyptic first presidential debate,  the polls suddenly reflect reality. When the unemployment figure was above the line of no-Obama-return, the Republicans swore by its inviolate sanctity. Now that it has dipped below 8, the Republicans suspect... Read more »

Joe Answers the Bell. Will His Left Hooks Score a Knockout?

On the eve of the Ryan and Biden debate, The tension is growing as Democrats wait. Will Ryan take Biden And Romney’s lead widen, Or will Joe win the match and the Dems celebrate?

Jack Welch, Take Your Own Advice: Face Reality!

Former  CEO Welch of GE Says the  unemployed number can’t be At the 7.8 Which in fact is the rate, And may be his IQ currently.

My List of Favorite Films. #1

To list or not to list. That is the question. Over the past several days, I’ve been ruminating on whether to make a list of my favorite movies.  Why?  Well, because every once in a while, it’s a good idea to inventory the things you find important in your life.   And each of us has been... Read more »

Epstein, Enough Barnyard B.S. Waiting to Win Is for Losers

The Cubs finished with the third worst record in their illustrous history. Emphasis on the ‘ill”, But don’t worry eternally faithful fans, their brain trust assures us they will take the rubble and use it to build a palace. I hope it can be done.  But something about these spins on a  resounding 2012 failure is giving... Read more »

A Catholic Rapper? Snoop Dogma?

Note: I thank the ChicagoNow blogger, “Being Catholic…Really” for informing me of rapper Alfonso Pedrosa. Want to hear a real knee-slapper? Roman Catholics have a rapper. He must have gotten, I would hope, The imprimatur of the Pope!