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Romney's Son, Tagg, Just Another Chicken Hawk

When Obama caught lying his dad, “I’d have slugged him,” said Tagg Romney, lad. But what made him too nervous Was the tight Secret Service And a long prison term if he had.

It's a No-Brainer. Lloyd Christmas Should Replace Bob Brenly.

ChicagoNow’s Captain Meatball suggests The Chicago Cubs should hire Morgan Freeman to replace color man Bob Brenly in the TV booth. I respectfully (and absolutely) disagree. I have the ideal candidate.  Lloyd Christmas from “Dumb and Dumber”. It’s the perfect  fit.  And the ideal job Lloyd has long been  seeking:    No 40 hours a week.  It would be the “lucky break” Christmas constantly talked about. ... Read more »

At a Soup Kitchen in Ohio, Paul Ryan Comes Clean for a Photo-Op

The soup kitchens are on alert: Paul Ryan will wash your pan or pot! As long as it is free of dirt, For otherwise he’ll likely not. And he may even dust and mop (Assuming it’s a photo-0p).

Mitt Likes His Women Under the Covers

Some men put women in their place Near stoves and coffee grinders. But  in Mr. Romney’s case, You’ll find them in his binders.

More from Mother Nature's Palette in My Fall Garden

Picture Key: (1) Orange and red celosia along the driveway. (2) Mums along the driveway. (3) Euonymus alata: Burning Bush (4) New England asters, toad lilies, and dahlias. (5) red mums and ghost fern (6) Ornamental grass: Miscanthus sinensis. (7) Red landscape rose and dianthus (8) Mums, verbena, marigolds, canna lily, dusty miller, bugleweed, and ornamental grass. (9)... Read more »

Mums in My Garden: A Photo Essay

  Nothing says Autumn like cascades of chrysanthemums. Mums delay their colorwheel extravaganza  until the last stages of the growing season in Zone 5 (Chicago and envrions). They’re well worth waiting for. Here are a few variegated vignettes from my own humble urban garden:

Bishop Paprocki, American Catholics Are Not Sheep.

The Catholic bishop of the Diocese of Springfield, Illinois is trying to intimidate Catholics who may be considering voting for President Obama. Bishop Thomas John Paprocki doesn’t explicitly dictate to  the faithful under his spiritual authority and guidance  whom not to vote for. That would be a violation of federal law which exempts churches from taxation.  He gives them... Read more »

On Top of Ryan's Peak

     You may have heard some people speak About Paul Ryan’s widow’s peak. I have a friend  who is a funster Who thinks he looks like Eddie Munster. But Reagan also had this trait And Pappy Bush and Vlad the Great. So don’t make fun of Ryan’s hairline It’s not his fault. It’s in his  heir... Read more »

Henry Higgins a Republican? Pshaw!

I was cable-surfing this afternoon and came upon the delightful “My Fair Lady” on Turner Classic Movies.  It was the scene where Eliza Doolittle drops in on Professor Higgins and Colonel Pickering seeking their help to become a “lady”. I had never connected this story of social engineering to politics before.  But it suddenly occurred to me how... Read more »

Romney's Real Chinese Agenda

Mother Jones Investigative Report: “Romney invested millions in Chinese firm that profited on US outsourcing.” David Corn Like the mantra of a mynah, Romney says that he’ll fix China. I know what he means, perforce, He’ll take more factories there, of course.