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Romney Canned by the Red Cross

In the aftermath of Sandy, Mitt thought  cans would come in handy. He who’s running  to be head boss, Gets rejected by the Red Cross. So we witness just how much That Mr. Romney’s out of touch.

Shakespeare Wouldn't Have Voted For Romney

Mitt Romney is a riverboat gambler, the apotheosis of a  card shark. He’s playing liar’s poker and hoping that the electorate doesn’t call his bluff. His campaign has been a patchwork of distortions, half-truths, and outright lies.   He  was a hawk before he was a dove.  He would  destroy Medicare but says he’s its savior.  He... Read more »

Nightmare on Pennsylvania Avenue

I woke up this morning In a cold sweat, and hesitant. The effects of a bad dream That Romney was President.

More to Fear Than Sharp-tongued Women

The Atlantic Wire: “In the past couple of months, the Romney campaign has balked at invitations from practically every single late-nite show.” The late-night talk shows, they avoid; Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan. They won’t converse with Letterman, Jay  Leno or O’Brien. Or Kimmel or Craig Ferguson Which strikes me as amusing. Perhaps, they know that if they did,... Read more »

Sununu? Who Knew?

General Colin Powell endorses Barack Obama and his forces. Why so? “They’re black,” says John Sununu, Which certifies that he is cuckoo.

If You Want to Meet Mark Twain, Go to Galena

Me and my gal have just got back from Galena, Illinois. It was our third sojourn there. I wrote about the last one in April. We—my brother Wally and his wife Bernice too—spent a few days again in the best Bed & Breakfast in town, the Steamboat House. Proprietors, Glenn and Char, were as warm and... Read more »

Unintentional Humor in Today's Sports Section

You never know when your funnybone will be tickled.  Sometimes it happens with an ambiguous word. Sometimes with an unintentional understatement. Take these two examples from the Tribune sports’ pages. “They found the Ford F-150 with a flat tire, he said, adding there was no damage to the vehicle beyond ‘what might have occurred driving... Read more »

When It Comes to Foreign Policy, President Romney Would Be President George W. Bush On Steroids

Monday’s Presidential debate—the finale— will be exclusively about foreign policy.  Overwhelming advantage Obama. Romney herein  has absolutely NO experience or expertise.   He likes to hype his Olympic Games executive  chops.  But you don’t make decisons about war and peace during track and field.  You don’t  mobilize and deploy  our armed forces for the beach volleyball finals.  And you... Read more »

Was It Mae or Marilyn?

So you think you know your M & M’s. Take the following quiz and find out. Did Marilyn Monroe say it, or Mae West? You might be surprised. 1. Between two evils, I always pick the one I never tried. 2. I’ve been in more laps than a napkin. 3. I’ve been on a calendar,... Read more »

Soccer and Prostitution: Odd Bedfellows

Sports Note: A local Greek soccer team is being  sponsored by a brothel. A soccer team in bankrupt Greece Desperately needed a  cash-flow increase, Barring sponsorship, ‘twould fold And so it turned to something old. To a profession Everyman Has patronized since time began. To Soula’s House of History, Where love’s on sale legally. Now... Read more »