More to Fear Than Sharp-tongued Women


The Atlantic Wire: “In the past couple of months, the Romney campaign has balked at invitations from practically every single late-nite show.”

The late-night talk shows, they avoid;

Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan.

They won’t converse with Letterman,

Jay  Leno or O’Brien.

Or Kimmel or Craig Ferguson

Which strikes me as amusing.

Perhaps, they know that if they did,

It would result in losing!






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  • Someone once said: 'Show me a young conservative and I'll show you someone with no heart. Show me an old liberal and I'll show you someone with no brains.'

    And who would bow to graven images of late-nite show?
    A trickster or an old fool.
    Who would count these boys an authority,
    but a man who's only experience, a school.
    Or stamps or TV.
    Amusing false idols such as these.
    I would think the fool smarter.
    For old men should be planting trees.

  • 4zen, I'm glad I inspired your Muse
    I assure you I'm innocent of what you accuse.
    But I learned from my mother a simple old rule:
    That it takes one to know one, especially a fool.

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