Bishop Paprocki, American Catholics Are Not Sheep.


The Catholic bishop of the Diocese of Springfield, Illinois is trying to intimidate Catholics who may be considering voting for President Obama. Bishop Thomas John Paprocki doesn’t explicitly dictate to  the faithful under his spiritual authority and guidance  whom not to vote for. That would be a violation of federal law which exempts churches from taxation.  He gives them a veiled ultimatum.

If you support the Democratic platform with its positions on abortion and gay marriage and vote for the candidate who endorses it (hint” his initials are B.H.O.),  you will  be “morally complicit” in promoting  “actions and behaviors that are intrinsically evil and gravely sinful”.  You would place “the eternal salvation of your own soul in serious jeopardy.”

I am a Catholic and an American citizen.  When I vote,  I factor in both value systems. It is my decision to make.

Like all Americans, I cherish my freedom, the  inalienable rights that Jefferson so eloquently said  God has endowed us with.  Our precious Constitution clearly  denies to  our government the power to violate these rights. And neither should our churches.

Bishop Paprocki may think he is a reincarnation of Torquemada.  But the Inquisition has long been piled on the dust heap of history. No,  American Catholics do  not owe their allegiance to some  tinhorn Conservative bishop. We answer only  to  God and to  that interior voice of moral choice, our conscience.

My response to any prelate, like Bishop Paprocki,  who would play God and use the pains of Hell to abridge my right to decide how to vote according to my own conscience?   “Go to Hell!”

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