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Don't Gimme Five, You Political Jive!

I wish I could find me an app That would teach the fine art of the rap. Then I’d curse in  the beats That are heard on mean streets, While I trash all political crap.

Coincidences: The Devil's in the Details

About a year ago I wrote a blog about the  coincidences in my life. Psychologist Carl Jung christened them “synchronicities”. According to Jung synchronicities are “temporally coincident occurences of acausal events”. Meaning they happen close in time without any apparent reason. A professor by the name of J.E. Littlewood called them “miraculous occurences”. I’m sure I’m not... Read more »

The Republicans Need Psychiatric Help

“About half the Republicans need psychiatric help.”  Bill Clinton, in a 2010 speech. I think that I shall never see More wackos than the GOP. They picked a guy for Chief Exec Whose campaign is a rolling wreck. A VP with a social brand He got from atheist Ayn Rand. Obstructionists like Speaker Boehner And... Read more »

Win or Lose, White Sox Fans, It's Been a Very Good Year!

The Southsiders are fading fast. They’ve lost 7 of 8. No matter what, it’s been a blast: Their rendezvous with fate.

Getting the Exclamation Point

Note: The following verse was inspired by “Caution: The Truth about the Exclamation Point” in the ChicagoNow blog “The Good Life” by Eraina Davis. The exclamation point should be Used only with restraint. And let me say emphatically A period it ain’t!!!!!!

Exit Polling.

Republicans are of the opinion that opinion polls that show Romney behind are wrong.   President Obama  only has an illusory lead in just about every poll—nationally and in the swing states. The Republicans claim the pollsters are—intentionally or not— skewing the responses to the left.  I suppose  that includes even  a Fox News poll which also has  Obama out in front. This... Read more »

Gridlock on the Gridiron

Replacement refs are under fire For making big mistakes. But put the blame on those who hire And fire, for goodness’ sakes!

These Are Flush Times for the Cell Phone

News item:  Approximately 75% of people take their cell phones into the bathroom with them, according to a survey by the marketing agency 11 Mark.   Cell phone use in toilet stalls Is so unsanitary. Far healthier when duty calls, Just shut off your Blackberry.

Not So Fast, Mr. Romney. A Corporation is a Person, is a Person, is a Person.

Stop it,  Governor Romney. Stop  fudging and skirting around the truth.  Yesterday, on 60 Minutes you did it again.   OK, you paid 14.1 % in federal income taxes in  2011. Th lion’s share, I presume,  on capital gains and dividends.   We learned that only last Friday when you deigned to open up a sliver of sunlight on... Read more »

For Men Over 50 Your Love Life May Be Shorter

Science note:  An Italian study has found that the average male sexual organ is ten per cent smaller that it was 50 years ago. The genitalia of the male Has strunken ten per cent. But if the rest is fit and hale It shan”t shortchange the gent.