Tabletalk at the Romney Home


Wouldn’t you  love to be a fly on the wall in the inner recesses of the  Romney domicile? 

Ann: Honey, do I really have to be your point man on this tax thing?

Mitt: Sweetie, believe me. Just look right at the camera and say , “Enough is enough.”  Or something to that effect.

Ann: But has it been enough, Dear?

Mitt: Tell ’em you’re sick and tired of it all. That the more we release, the more they’ll have to criticize.  The more ammunition. OK?

Ann: So, not even one more return?

Mitt: That’s just it. You know how they pick on me.  I’m a decent guy. You know that.  I have integrity. Irreproachable. Don’t forget to mention the tithes.  Lay it on thick.

Ann: Well, if you insist, Mitt.    But aren’t you politicizing my spotless image?  Homemaker, mother,  survivor. I’m a role model.   What if  I come off  bitchy and overbearing?

Mitt:  Honey, remember what I told you. God forgives what you do in a campaign. As long as you have good intentions.  It’s OK.   Ya think it was fair for what those British papers called me. Mitt the Twit?  It hurts.  So we gotta  play a little dirty.  We’ll have plenty of time in the White House to decontaminate.

Ann: We’re doubling down, then?

Mitt: Exactly. We don’t want another McCain fiasco.   Believe me. Americans have real  short attention spans.  This tax thing won’t have legs after the Convention.

Ann: And with  that Citizens United dough …

Mitt: Yep. And don’t forget the  negative ads and the voter suppression.

Ann:   Mitt,   I feel better already.

Mitt: Now shall we discuss Paul Ryan?

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  • Aquinas, really, if Romney paid 0 in taxes, is that the real issue?

    We can go back and forth about records released or not: Romeny's tax returns vs Obama's health and college records.

    The real issue, as I see it, is do we want to go down the Obama path of more and larger and controlling government, or do we want to go down that path in a slower way with Romney.

    Obama is a multi-millionaire, as well, so certainly your objection cannot be that the person in the Oval Office has money.

    Obama has a much different view of how this country should be, and those who share in that vision --i.e., equalization of wealth, socialization of business and ever increasing control of the daily lives of citizens should just come out of the closet with it. If not, then what is the shame of it?

  • Richard, thanks for the comment. I don't agree about Obama's agenda. He's not a Marxist, a Communist, or even a
    Socialist. He's a moderate Democrat somewhat to the right of center. I'm sure you are not happy about the widening gap between the rich and poor.The biggest since the 1920s. If Obama were into socializing businesses, wouldn't he have taken over the banks that were too big to fail? And when it comes to increasing control of the daily lives of citizens, the women in Virginia can tell you a lot about that. Remember the Republicans wanted to legislate going into their vaginas? Now that's an intrusive government.

    I frankly don't understand what Romney has to hide. If he didn't pay any taxes, OK, then release the returns. Is that such a big deal?
    I wonder what McCain saw in those 23 years of returns to turn him off.
    Any idea?

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