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Who Played the Invisible Obama?

Now that the world  knows that Clint Eastwood turned out to be the heralded “mystery” guest at the Republican National Convention, the mystery of why he was remains.  Maybe they couldn’t get Peter O’Toole. Ancient Clint creaked through his  dramatic-cum- political performance   a la  O’Toole’s inebriated  histrionics  in “My Favorite Year”. Without a doubt, when this Convention is filed away... Read more »

If Romney Wins, Will Mormons Like the Limelight?

There is a good chance that Willard Mitt Romney next January will be making the White House his home. If he does, he will be the first Mormon to serve as president.   I don’t presume to know what this would mean for the country. But it may not be  a great public relations coup for the Church of the... Read more »

I Propose Self-Excommunication For Paul Ryan

I am a Roman Catholic. I was born and raised a Roman Catholic. I once even toyed with the idea of becoming a priest.  My libido got in the way.  I was taught the catechism of the faith in grammar school under the tutelage of the good Franciscan nuns. In high school,  the good Christian Brothers introduced me... Read more »

Did You Hear the One About Mitt in Michigan?

If there is one fatal flaw in Mitt Romney’s persona , it might  be his apparent  inability to connect with ordinary people.  Even his fellow Republicans  recognize  this hang up.  It probably is the natural byproduct of being  a private equity guy. The whole business of leveraged  buyouts, company downsizing, and corporate take-overs absolutely must affect its  principal players.... Read more »

Getting a Hire Education

A Note on Relationships: The article “Outsourcing your life” in Sunday’s Chicago Tribune points out that “hiring others to care for family, plan events, shop, even detail our desires is increasingly becoming a part of the middle-class picture”. Professionals are now for hire To tell you what you should desire. And if you can afford... Read more »

A Question of Cats: And a Very Brief Reply to Steve Dale

How many cats are too many cats? Steve Dale wants to know. One cat is kind of cute, but that’s As far as I would go.

Will Mitt Get an Akin Feeling in Tampa?

Should a presidential candidate refuse to take questions on a controversial topic?  If Mitt Romney is the touchstone, the answer is yes.  It seems that  the Romney campaign set interview parameters for a  reporter,  Shaun Boyd of CBS 4 in Denver. She was peremptorily told not to ask about abortion or— the currently  toxic Republican— Todd... Read more »

The Cubs Ride the Century Express

Sports item: The Chicago Cubs (47-76) are on track to lose 100 games. Manager Dale Sveum says he’s not worried about the final record.  He philosophically adds, “You have to plug away every single day, grind it out.” As the losses keep mounting, I find That the Cub fans do not seem to mind. But... Read more »

Prince Harry Goes Gonzo in Las Vegas

Prince Harry is a gentleman Who likes to party when he can. In Vegas he was reveling And someone photographed the thing. The prince was naked  front and aft. I guess we got the royal shaft.

Tabletalk at the Romney Home

Wouldn’t you  love to be a fly on the wall in the inner recesses of the  Romney domicile?  Ann: Honey, do I really have to be your point man on this tax thing? Mitt: Sweetie, believe me. Just look right at the camera and say , “Enough is enough.”  Or something to that effect. Ann: But has it been... Read more »