I Propose Self-Excommunication For Paul Ryan


I am a Roman Catholic. I was born and raised a Roman Catholic. I once even toyed with the idea of becoming a priest.  My libido got in the way.  I was taught the catechism of the faith in grammar school under the tutelage of the good Franciscan nuns. In high school,  the good Christian Brothers introduced me to  the rudiments of Catholic theology. I remember in particular  my Apologetics class : It was all about explaining the faith to Non-Catholics; how to go about converting them; and how to counter their heresies. At DePaul University I took a few courses on Biblical exegesis and read a fair amount of the philosophy of St. Thomas Aquinas, Thomism—the bedrock of traditional Catholic thinking

 I’m convinced that I  got a solid grounding in the  Didache, the teaching of the Church.  My  moral compass is set to what Jesus in the New Testament said were the two greatest commandments: Love God with your whole heart , your whole  soul and your whole mind.  Love your  neighbor as yourself. “Everything in the law and the prophets hangs on these two commandments.” (Matthew 22:40)  Everything!

So what’s with Paul Ryan?  Didn’t he assimilate  these Roman Catholic moral teachings?  It  sure doesn’t appear that he did.  The Catholic Bishops of America have condemned his Roadmap for America’s Future—the heartless budget that gets  belanced on the backs of the poor,  the sick and the old. A budget that  throws the middle-class under the bus. While lavishing  huge tax breaks on the very wealthy.

Ryan voted for the war In Iraq.  Running counter to  the strong opposition of Pope John Paul II who said at the time that any  war is always a defeat of humanity.  Pope Benedict XVI in 2008 vehemently  decried the war. “Enough,” he exhorted, “with the slaughter. Enough with the violence. Enough with the hatred in Iraq.”  Yet Paul Ryan persists  in his staunch support of it.  Moreover he won’t cut spending on the materiel of war, the drones, the missiles, the weapons of mass destruction.

Paul Ryan has gone  on record, numerous times,  stating that  he is a fervid  disciple of Ayn Rand,  the Objectivist thinker, whose philosophy is a form of social and economic Darwinism.  Ryan now says he rejects Rand’s atheism. But he still espouses and reveres her social and economic ideas.  Like its  emphasis on self-interest and its contempt  for  community, empathy, and  social justice.

Paul Ryan now is backtracking from the Ayn Rand cult. He claimed recently that his spiritual  mentor has always been St. Thomas Aquinas.   Really? I don’t remember my namesake extolling absolute self-interest. Instead St. Thomas Aquinas wrote, “Whatever a man has in superabundance is owed by natural right to the poor for their sustenance.”  St. Thomas would have taught Ryan the Corporal—not the Corporate— Works of Mercy.  Clothe the naked. Feed the hungry. Give drink to the thirsty.  Shelter the homeless. Visit the sick. Visit the imprisoned. Bury the dead.

Mr. Ryan, you are a sorry  excuse for a Roman Catholic. You are , plain and simple, a  religious fraud.   If  you won’t  recant  your anti-Catholic political views and government policies,  at least  do the right thing — leave the Church.  Your good friend,  Mr. Romney,  once glibly advocated  that illegal immigrants should self-deport.

I think , Mr. Ryan, you should self-excommunicate.

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