Did You Hear the One About Mitt in Michigan?

nullIf there is one fatal flaw in Mitt Romney’s persona , it might  be his apparent  inability to connect with ordinary people.  Even his fellow Republicans  recognize  this hang up.  It probably is the natural byproduct of being  a private equity guy. The whole business of leveraged  buyouts, company downsizing, and corporate take-overs absolutely must affect its  principal players. For in such an impersonal arena, cold detachment becomes a virtue.  You are to a great extent  what you do.  If what you do demands putting thousands out of work, stripped of their benefits, is it any wonder that you  develop a tin ear for the vicissitudes of  the common man.

Is this the reason for  Romney’s awkwardness on the stump? His wooden mannerisms?  In any event his campaign team is making a concerted effort  to humanize Mitt.  To morph him into  someone you’d like to have a beer with.  So he sings off-key  America the Beautiful,  like he was at a country picnic, rubbing elbows with the hoi polloi, his tie off and   his sleeves rolled up.   So he stands in front of   rows of  rugged, begrimed  coal miners in Kentucky and berates the president for disrespecting  hard work.   This oddly coming from a guy who pays other people to mow his lawn and  unburden him of the perspiring ,  menial tasks of  day-to-day life.

It’s  Mitt feverishly trying  to connect to the rest of us. Despite his enormous wealth. Despite the  millions in his IRA. Despite the Swiss bank accounts. Despite his off-shore booty  on the Cayman Islands.  Despite the 13 percent marginal tax rate he admits to.

It’s  Ann Romney sharing with America that  Mitt irons his own clothes and shops for shirts  at Costco.   What’s next?  Mitt picking shoes at DSW?

And now Mitt’s even telling lame  jokes.  In Michigan he reminded everyone that  he was born in  Harper Hospital in Detroit.  No one—he quipped — has to ask about HIS birth certificate.   The partisan crowd ate it up .  Even a group of nuns sitting close by.

Well, sisters, I fervently pray to God that the last laugh will not be on America.


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