Romney Strategist, Ed Gillespie, No Match for Savannah Guthrie


Ed Gillespie, you should have known better. How could you, the astute former chairman of the Republican Party and current strategist for the Romney campaign, have had such a brain cramp? Why else would you submit to an interview with that harpy Savannah Guthrie on the Today Show this morning?

Don’t you listen to  the right-wing bloggers? Guthrie is pretty transparent by now. She has no credibility as a journalist. She likes to savage Republicans, like Huntsman and that birther Trump. Which qualifies her to be a genuine card-carrying liberal. So what gives?

When Guthrie put it to you about Republican attack ads that call the president a liar, why did you stammer and sputter, and give a muddled reply: “Well, his ads are false statements, which are lies, so…”
She wanted you to come right out and say it with passion, vigor, and conviction: “Yes! President Obama IS a damn liar!” But you couldn’t quite get it our of your(basically decent)mouth, uh? But it’s the GOP script, the game plan. Like it or not, Ed, you gotta run with the message. Seamlessly.

And when Guthrie, so obviously emboldened by her recent elevation to co-anchor, challenged you to explain why Romney should claim credit for the jobs created after he left Bain Capital in 1999 , but not for the out-sourcing, Ed, you just doubled down on the presidential lies. You never did respond to her point.

Take my advice, Ed. The next time you square off against a lamestreamer like Guthrie, bring your cojones.

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