Remember Your Dad, Mitt


All right, already,  Democrats, quit piling on Mitt Romney.  Hasn’t he released enough tax returns?  Weren’t 2010 and a projected 2011 enough?  Mitt has his reasons. He’s a very private man. You heard him.  He’s crossed his legal t’s and dotted his legal i’s.

But on the other hand , Mitt, maybe you should rethink your decision?  Obamaland  isn’t alone in demanding to see  more returns.  Ron Paul agrees. And so does Bill Crystal. Why, Crystal  thinks you’re crazy for not doing it ASAP.  Remember your dear sainted old man, George?  He must have set a good example for you. He  released 12 years when he ran for president!  And he wasn’t booed by the NAACP. But that’s another story.

Mitt, you got to be reasonable about this.  You’re losing credibility.  Your standing among the 99% has been  taking a hit.  Now, you may not give a damn about the little  guy, but how long can you keep your financial wizardry under a hat?

Believe me, Mitt,  who’s  going to  begrudge your $250 million fortune?  So you got it stashed in off-shore tax havens. Aren’t they like the piggybanks we all have on the dresser. We can identify with that.   And what of  the secret Swiss bank accounts?  I hear the fresh alpine air is perfect for hidden loot.

O, is it those low bargain  tax rates that might embarrass you?  The carried interest stuff?  Cripes, most voters hardly understand how to balance a checkbook, let alone unravel your  convoluted  investments.

Trust me, Mitt. Come clean.  Your dad would be proud of you. And isn’t that what being a son is all about?



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