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How I View 50 Shades of Grey

Have you read 50 Shades of Grey? It’s wildly popular, they say. Across the pond, the Brits assume It will create a baby boom. It’s got a lot of sex in it; Big selling point, I do admit.. Forbidden sex, primal and rough, The sadomasochistic stuff. Now nothing’s wrong with sex, methinks, As long as... Read more »

Finding the Words for the Mayberry Melody

In the small town Of  Mayberry The  folks are Very neighborly. There lives  one Special family— Andy, Opie, Bee. Deputy Fife, A bullet for life. And the rest of  The citizenry  Is  very pleasant Company. All  the antics That we enjoyed Of Gomer, Goober, Otis, Floyd. In the town known As Mayberry, Where folks are... Read more »

Chris Rock Puts the 4th Of July in Historical Perspective

  Comedian Chris Rock is taking flak for posting the following tweet on the 4th of July. “Happy white people independence day. the slaves weren’t free but I’m sure they enjoyed fireworks.”  Probably the brunt of the blowback is  coming from those “originalist” Republicans.   But the fact is the final draft of the Declaration of... Read more »

Aimez-vous Mahler?

Musical note:  Gustav Mahler was born on July 7, 1860.  To celebrate his 152nd birthday, WFMT (98.7 on the FM dial) is playing  today his 9 symphonies and the incomplete 10th. When I fret on the stretch of the dollar, And at stifling hot weather I holler, I’ll play a CD Of a lush symphony By the... Read more »

Andy Griffith: A Retrospective

I was saddened by  the passing of Andy Griffith. He was a gifted versatile actor who played a variety of memorable characters. In the movies, Griffith could play Will Stockdale, the comic naif in “No Time For Sergeants” or Lonesome Rhodes, an amoral cynical bastard who parlays country charm and engaging patter into material success.  But his enduring fame will probably rest firmly... Read more »

The Hunting of Higgs Boson

Nuclear scientists have bagged the  Boson Or  the odds are quite good for supposin’. It would help explain mass, Solid, liquid, and gas, And the universe everything goes in.

The Fourth Should Not Be An Explosive Free-for-all

The Fourth of July is my least favorite holiday. OK, I got to  be honest with myself. I hate it. Not because of what it represents. The Declaration of Independence. Our founding fathers. Liberty and union, now and forever, one and inseparable— as Daniel Webster put it. No, it’s because of the barbaric way many... Read more »

The Affordable Health Care Mandate Thru Partisan Lenses

Republicans say “Face the facts. Obama lied. It is a tax!” “Take self-responsibility,” The Dems say. “It’s a penalty!”

Boehner and McConnell Are The Health Care Posterboys For "Do As We Say, Not As We Do"

  In the wake of the Supreme Court decision to uphold the Affordable Health Care Act (affectionately called ObamaCare by the Republicans) Speaker of the House  John Boehner and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell are keeping their powder dry for the Armageddon to repeal it. These two distinguished Republican leaders find ObamaCare anathema because it abridges their freedom... Read more »

America, Don't Listen to Fox and Company! The Sky is not Falling.

According to a ChicagoNow blogger, Congressman Joe Walsh recently was “warning voters at a well-attended townhall that thanks to ObamaCare, the 2012 election may be our last chance to save America.”  This reminds me of the English fable of Chicken Little.  One day Chicken Little was foraging near an oak tree when an acorn fell... Read more »