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The Roots of Mass Murder: Happiness is a Warm Gun

Do you get the feeling that nobody—I mean nobody—has the answers on how to deal with  these recurrent  mass murders, like  yesterday’s nightmarish one in Aurora, Colorado? Aurora, Colorado. A  tranquill,  pleasant, law-abiding  suburb of Denver.  James  Holmes was just a man in the crowd.  But like every other crazed killer,   he had his own bizarre motives,  his own trail of clues no one quite picked up, and his own... Read more »

88 Books That Have Shaped My Life

 I have to give Going for Gusto’s Joe Grace credit  for throwing down this literary gauntlet.  What are the 88 books that have shaped my life?   Why not 50 or 100?   It’s a spin off the Library of Congress’s list of 88 books that have shaped America, that’s why. Of course, like anyone else’s, my... Read more »

Taking Romney's Measure In Verse

Romney stashes revenue In Swiss banks, unlike me or you. When markets fell and we went bust, His money grew in a blind trust. We paid what’s due the IRS. They taxed him at a rate much less. He sheltered wealth on off-shore isles Secured in confidential files. As president he wants to serve. I’d say... Read more »

John McCain, The Good Republican

Republicans today seem to march in lockstep.  They toe the party line. Stay on message.  Promote the anti-Obama propaganda.  They remind me  of a regimented phalanx trained to follow orders no matter what. Victory in November is the be-all and end-all. Nothing must stand in the way. Not character. Not principles. Not fairness. Not integrity. Not even... Read more »

Limbaugh Taking Bane For Bain

That Right-Wing windbag, Rush Limbaugh, is at it again.  The target of Limbaugh’s most recent miasmic eruption of anti-Liberal bile is none other than “The Dark Knight Rises”,  the final  installment of Christopher Nolan’s Batman cinematic trilogy. It seems, according to Rush (to judgemnt) Limbaugh that the villain’s name—Bane— is a coincidental (and uncomfortable)  homonym of  Bain (surname: Capital),  Romney’s... Read more »

Remember Your Dad, Mitt

All right, already,  Democrats, quit piling on Mitt Romney.  Hasn’t he released enough tax returns?  Weren’t 2010 and a projected 2011 enough?  Mitt has his reasons. He’s a very private man. You heard him.  He’s crossed his legal t’s and dotted his legal i’s. But on the other hand , Mitt, maybe you should rethink your decision?  Obamaland  isn’t... Read more »

Mini-Meme Jim Belushi?

Did you know that Jim Belushi has become a mini-meme?  So says Christopher Borrelli in today’s Tribune Arts-Entertainment section. It seems that  things, people and places are nowadays being compared to Jim Belushi. And not in a flattering way. In Borrelli’s  pop-culture exposition, “Does Jim Belushi deserve our bile?”, he  explores this Belushi-as-a trope phenomenon with abundant examples. Tap... Read more »

Dropping a Name at the Windy City Burlesque Fest

Kudos to ChicagoNow blogger, Chicago Quirk, for the heads up about the Windy City Burlesque Fest. It started yesterday and runs through Sunday on Stage 773 at 1225 W. Belmont in Chicago.  Unfortunately I won’t be in the audience due to prior commitments,  and a really big impediment—my wife! Nevertheless, I do appreciate the delectable... Read more »

Romney Strategist, Ed Gillespie, No Match for Savannah Guthrie

Ed Gillespie, you should have known better. How could you, the astute former chairman of the Republican Party and current strategist for the Romney campaign, have had such a brain cramp? Why else would you submit to an interview with that harpy Savannah Guthrie on the Today Show this morning? Don’t you listen to  the... Read more »

Does Maria Turn You On?

Have you seen the latest on your log-in pin-up parade?  I’m talking to you, Mr. Red-blooded Testosterone-Driven Male.  Your ISP (Internet Service Provider, to the uninitiated) also provides this service: pictorial aphrodisiacs. I have the evidence. And it only took me a few days to collect it.  Exhibit A: “Klum Shows Off Racy Pic” Exhibit B: ... Read more »