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Happy Birthday, Medicare (Eat Your Hearts Out, Republicans)

47 years ago today a key strand of our social safety net, Medicare, was signed into law.  The law took  effect  July 1  of the following year. The ceremony was held in Independence, Missouri, the hometown of Harry Truman.  Truman and his wife Bess were nearby as President Lyndon Johnson signed the historic legislation. It was... Read more »

Romney As Defined by the Urban Dictionary

In the Urban Dictionary, Romney has become  a verb Which I urge you not to hurry Looking up—-it will disturb. In the interest of decorum, I won’t give its denotation. But I will say in this forum: It’ll cure your constipation.

Romney, Anglo-Saxons, and the Origin of Man

The Republicans like to speak in code, in dog-whistle vernacular.  It wouldn’t be prudent of course  to openly  attack Mr. Obama on the basis of his skin color. So you raise questions about his birthright , his  religion,  his schooling, his  American bona fides,  his  political philosophy.  You drop words like ‘foreign’ and load up your... Read more »

Facebook and Its Multiplicity of Friends

I was thinking about Facebook a while back. Not about buying shares. But about how it took off with what we in the digital age call social networking. It’s addictive for many. Not for me. I’ve never been that gregarious. In fact, I’m more of an introvert who treasures his privacy. In my opinion,  people on... Read more »

Mitt Met Matt Across the Moat

On the Today Show this morning, Mitt and Ann Romney stopped by for a Q & A with Matt Lauer.  Mitt took the opportunity to backpedal from  the pot shots he took at the security the host Brits are providing for the Olympics.  The petty criticism was infelicitous and  inopportune. One British newspaper put it this way: Romney arrived... Read more »

If Romney's Elected President, Welcome to This Dystopia

The Republicans today are led by disciples of Ayn Rand, the philospher-novelist who argued for  a world free of altruism and totally motivated by self-interest. Ask Representative Paul Ryan. He promotes Rand’s writings. It is mandatory that his staff reads “Atlas Shrugged”, “The Fountainhead”, and other books in  the Rand scriptures. Of course, the Republicans don’t like... Read more »

Gun Sales Soar After Massacre. Colorado, Why Don't You Get the Message?

Gun sales in Colorado have spiked in the wake of  the horrific murder spree in  a  Aurora cinema.  By 43% in some estimates.  This is like pouring gasoline on a raging inferno.  What Reagan said about government is deadly accurate about guns.  Guns aren’t the solution. They’re the problem. James Holmes was able to haul  an arsenal of deadly weapons in... Read more »

A Tip from "The Big Fun Sexy Sex Book"

Note: According to “The Big Fun Sexy Sex Book” by Ian Kerner and Lisa Rinna, when a couple engages together in new activities—not necessarily intimate—the brain produces dopamine (a neurochemical related to pleasure and reward), and moreover,  studies show that a 30-second hug itself will increase levels of oxytocin (the bonding neurochemical). But men have... Read more »

Superheroes? The Cubs Like to Fantasize

The Cubs were swept by the Cardinals over the weekend in St. Louis. They were outscored in the series a jaw-dropping 23 to 1. No mean achievement. Your team engine has to be really hummin’ on one cylinder to do that. The Cubbies (to use a term of endearment apt for  their cuddly ineptitude) are one of... Read more »

A Wake With Coffee

Note: Something I gleaned from fellow Chicago Now blogger, Jack Spatafora: ” A South Carolina funeral home is opening a Starbucks in their lobby. Director Chris Robinson hopes ‘it will help customers get their minds off what is going on'”. South Carolina has a guy Who is a licensed undertaker. His work begins when people... Read more »