Mitt Met Matt Across the Moat


On the Today Show this morning, Mitt and Ann Romney stopped by for a Q & A with Matt Lauer.  Mitt took the opportunity to backpedal from  the pot shots he took at the security the host Brits are providing for the Olympics.  The petty criticism was infelicitous and  inopportune. One British newspaper put it this way: Romney arrived in London on a charm offensive that lacked charm and was very offensive.

Romney didn’t show any semblance of  regret  for his colossal  blunder in diplomacy.  Which is strange since his stopover in London is  the opening act of his “Look, I know foreign policy”  junket.  Be that as it may,  Mitt  cavalierly passed over the gaffe  by saying that, of course,  up close and personal  everything is safe, secure, fine and dandy.

Before Lauer concluded the interview on a warm and fuzzy note, he did manage to  dredge up a few pointed questions from the murky waters of Romney’s finances. Why not be more transparent?  Why not release more tax records?  Wouldn’t that put to rest the speculations and innuendos about his deliberately  hiding information that would torpedo his campaign?

But Romney was imperturbable and impenetrably pertinacious.  Hasn’t  he deigned to  release two years of tax returns, the same as John McCain?  Hasn’t he done all that’s required by the law?  Game, set, and match.  Let the games begin.

Lauer never did remind Romney that when his father, George, ran for president, he released 12 years of tax returns.  I guess if Mitt is  a chip off the  old block, it’s a mere 1/6 in size,  for the record.

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  • Let there be said there has been problems with security, which has been all over the British media.

    Well, Romney is no Jack Kennedy, which means, of course, that if
    Romeny gets to Berlin, he will hopefully not proclaim himself a "jelly doughnut".

  • In reply to Richard Davis:

    It's absolutely not true that JFK made that gaffe. Check it out.

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