Limbaugh Taking Bane For Bain


That Right-Wing windbag, Rush Limbaugh, is at it again.  The target of Limbaugh’s most recent miasmic eruption of anti-Liberal bile is none other than “The Dark Knight Rises”,  the final  installment of Christopher Nolan’s Batman cinematic trilogy. It seems, according to Rush (to judgemnt) Limbaugh that the villain’s name—Bane— is a coincidental (and uncomfortable)  homonym of  Bain (surname: Capital),  Romney’s old corporate stomping grounds.

Limbaugh doesn’t buy the coincidence. He sees it as  a nefarious, not-so-subtle attack on Romney’s job-creating, private-enterprise milk cow.

But  Limbaugh is full of it, as usual.  “Bane” was created back in 1993 and appeared first in DC Comics “Batman: Vengeance of Bane #1”. At the time,  Romney was CEO at Bain and orchestrating leveraged buyouts. I don’t think he was reading comic books in his spare time.  “Bane” happens to be an ideal  name for an  evildoer.  It  comes from the common noun, ‘bane’, which originally meant ‘killer’, ‘poison’, ‘death’.  “Bane”— the Batman nemesis—  embodies all three of those concepts  so well that he ranks # 34 on Image Games Network’s list of Top Comic Book Villains of All Time.

Sorry, Mr. Conservative Mouthpiece, the identity of sounds is a pure coinicdence. No matter how you want to spin it for partisan politics.   “Bane”— the archenemy of Batman— wears a mask that feeds him a steady flow of gas for medicinal purposes.

Rush Limbaugh, on the other hand, is naturally full of hot air.



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