John McCain, The Good Republican


Republicans today seem to march in lockstep.  They toe the party line. Stay on message.  Promote the anti-Obama propaganda.  They remind me  of a regimented phalanx trained to follow orders no matter what. Victory in November is the be-all and end-all. Nothing must stand in the way. Not character. Not principles. Not fairness. Not integrity. Not even the good of the country. Except for John McCain. The Good Republican. He went down in defeat in 2oo8.  But he kept his moral compass.  When a woman at a town-hall meeting  during the 2008 campaign called Obama a Muslim— implying he was not a true American— McCain didn’t miss a beat in correcting her. No, he would not engage in  mudslinging, in character assassination. He would transcend the political  cheap shots—which may or may not have benefitted his campaign. He was better than that. And now, when a good-standing member of the Republican flock, Michele Bachman,  insinuates that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s top aide, Huma Abedin, is a security risk because of family ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, John McCain once again demonstrates his decency and sense of justice. On the Senate floor he delivered this eloquent and  magnanimous defense of Abedin. “Huma represents what is best about America: the daughter of immigrants, who has risen to the highest level of government on the basis of her substantial personal merit and her abiding commitment to the American ideals that she embodies so fully. I am proud to know Huma, and to call her my friend.” As for Bachman’s reckless and reprehensible charges, McCain had this to say: “When anyone , not the least a member of Congress, launches specious and degrading attacks against fellow Americans on the basis of nothing more than a fear of who they are and ignorance of what they stand for, it defames the spirit of our nation, and we all grow poorer because of it.” I salute you, Senator McCain, for taking the high road, and demonstrating what true leadership and statesmanship is all about.

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