If Romney's Elected President, Welcome to This Dystopia


The Republicans today are led by disciples of Ayn Rand, the philospher-novelist who argued for  a world free of altruism and totally motivated by self-interest. Ask Representative Paul Ryan. He promotes Rand’s writings. It is mandatory that his staff reads “Atlas Shrugged”, “The Fountainhead”, and other books in  the Rand scriptures. Of course, the Republicans don’t like to mention Rand’s outspoken atheism. It would make their townhall meetings a bit uncomfortable, one would imagine.

But, say Romney does become president. Ryan most certainly would have a pivotal and  influential voice  in his administration. What would our country be like in four years?

In his epilogue to “Ayn Rand Nation: The Hidden Struggle For America’s Soul”,  journalist and author Gary Weiss evokes this nigthmarish vision:

“No government except the police, courts of law, and the armed forces.”

“No regulations of anything by any government.”

“No Medicare or Medicaid.”

“No Social Security.”

“No public schools.”

“No public hospitals.”

“With industry no longer restrained by carbon-emission standards, the earth would bake in self-generated heat, ice-cap melting would accelerate, extreme weather would  become even more commonplace, and seacoasts would sink beneath the waves. Communities ravaged by hurricances, floods and tornadoes would be left to fend for themselves, no longer burdening the conscience of a selfish, guilt-free world.”

“The poor and elderly, freed from dependence on character-destroying, government-subsidized medical care, would die bravely and in as generous quantities as in the romantic novels of a bygone era.”

“Minimum wage laws would come to an end, providing factory owners and high-tech start-ups with a pool of cheap labor competive with any fourth-world kleptocracy.”

“All laws protecting consumers would be erased from the statute books.”

” Mass transit would grind to a halt in the big cities as municipal  subsidies come to an end.”

“Corporations would no longer be enslaved by antitrust laws, so monopolies and globe-spanning, price-fixing cartels would flourish. The number of publicly held corporations would be reduced to a manageable noncompetitive few. Big Pharma would manufacture drugs without adequate testing for safety and efficacy.”

“Income taxes would end, so the lowest-paid, ten-cent-an-hour, non-OSHA-supervised factory workers would enjoy wages taxed at the same rate—zero—as their billionaire  bosses in distant cities and foreign lands. Dynasties of American royalty would arise, as fortunes pass from generation to generation, untaxed.”

“Non-profit organizations, apart from those serving the egos and social calendars of the self-indulging rich, would see their funding dry up as government support vanished. The super-wealthy, having repudiated their ‘giving pledge’, would now enjoy their riches without guilt, no longer motivated to share their billions with the poor. Philanthropy would be an obsolete relic of discarded moral codes and forgotten history.”

“Los Angeles, Chicago, and New York would become like Cairo and Calcutta, with walled enclaves protecting  the wealthy from the malnourished, uneducated masses outside.”

This kaleidoscope of misery is not inevitable. Unless we insist on being Rand-dumb.

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  • A little over the top, perhaps?

    Even the Evil Reagan did not rip apart Social Security, mass transit, Medicare, income tax or even welfare. Ready? Romney is no Reagan. If perchance the dead do not vote as often in Chicago and elsewhere, and Romney is elected, I think the world will be safe for wealth transfers of all types executed through the federal government.
    Despair not, O Aquinas. Gary Weiss will be as wrong as Paul Ehrlich was in his nightmarish tome, "The Population Bomb".

    It may surprise you that many conservatives, especially those of faith, do not worship at the Rand Alter. I've never read her books. Most politically tinged novels are boring to a fault, with the exceptions of Brave New World and 1984, written by my favorite socialists.

    Now take some soma and relax. LOL

  • Thanks for the comment, my friend. But the chilling fact is that Republicans nowadays would be too radical for Reagan who was able to work with Democrats like Tip O'Neill. I'm afraid you underestimate the ascendancy of Rand's ideas among the ruling GOP and their Citizens United support groups. I too hope Weiss is wrong. But I wouldn't bet against him if Romney is elected.

  • Aquinas, I want to set your mind at ease. First, I do not believe Romney will be elected, for a variety of reasons. Second, Reagan and O'Neill worked together on things, but Reagan was vilified. He was, remember, the Darth Vader of that time, his finger on the nuke button.

    Romney is no Reagan for a good number of reasons, but chief among them is that he is much more moderate than Reagan, and he will go along to get along. That I promise you, if somehow not enough deceased vote.

    Regarding Rand, you may be overestimating her influence. You have to understand that the "ruling" GOP are folks who are cut in the mold of Rockefeller. There are various factions within the Republicans, I suppose, as with Democrats, but as a close listener to Republicans and even closer listener to conservatives, Rand is regarded by most to be a proponent of capitalism and free enterprise, but she is also thought of as "crazy". No responsible Republican or conservative is a supporter of rabid capitalism, just as they do not support socialism.

    I will bet against Weiss. What should I put up? I got it. If we are still here and typing some three years into the Romeny first term, I will buy you the book of your choice from Amazon if the dire outlook of Weiss is true; this if I haven't expired from the dirty air and water and polluted food chain, so favored by Republicans and conservatives so favor, or if I am not slaving in a Right Wing Gulag somewhere.

    Are you up for the wager? Any choice is fine. It can be the most leftist author you enjoy, or even a conservative author if you want to test your resistance.

    You in turn, might do the same. Let me know.

  • Reagan was a charming fellow, and I don't think he was villified during his term, at least, not as GWB was.

    I don't think Nelson Rockefeller would have been so contentious or partisan. He was, if I remember right, a liberal Republican.

    Do you really think Paul Ryan thinks Rand was a nutcase? Would he require his staff to read her books if he did?

    As far as rigging elections, I hope you haven't forgotten Gore v. Bush vote in Florida and how the Republican majority on the Supreme Court stole the election from Gore.

    I did say it was not inevitable. And I trust in the common sense of the American people. So you may be right about Weiss being too pessimistic. Then again..........

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