Dropping a Name at the Windy City Burlesque Fest


Kudos to ChicagoNow blogger, Chicago Quirk, for the heads up about the Windy City Burlesque Fest. It started yesterday and runs through Sunday on Stage 773 at 1225 W. Belmont in Chicago.  Unfortunately I won’t be in the audience due to prior commitments,  and a really big impediment—my wife!

Nevertheless, I do appreciate the delectable invite.  It jogs the  memories of  my college days  when on the Archer bus I would inevitably  pass the Rialto Theater on State Street .  Which persuaded me to ultimately conduct a scientific investigation of its premises.  I have never regretted the pleasurable (although somewhat guilty) enlightenment it provided  me.

Here are the performers, alas, I will  not enjoy: Jo Boobs, Kristina Nekyia, and Coco Lectric,the headliners.  Kitten DeVille, Foxy Tann, and Penny Starr, Jr, the featured.  With a special appearance by burlesque legend(pictured above), Tiffany Carter— a take-off direct  from Vegas.

Of course, these are fabricated names,  noms de burlesque.  And in the world of the striptease, a sexy handle comes with the territory.  For the sake of any  aspiring ecdysiasts out there,  I offer, at no charge, a  few more transparent theatrical  monikers:

1) Gigi LaString

2)Lola Palooza

3) Bibi De Bobbi De Boobs

4)Tish Tush

5) Afrodite Nighty

6) Prudence Pudendum

7) Mamie Mammaries

8) Buns Bonanza

9) Vi  Brator

10) Bum P. Grinder

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