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Earl, It's Not An Infinity Pool.

One of my matutinal rituals is reading the funny pages after breakfast.   This morning  several of my favorites have scientific subtexts.   There’s an off-the-wall look at the origins of heliocentrism in ‘The Argyle Sweater’.  It seems Copernicus wanted to make his father eat his words: “I said I’ll play catch later! The solar system doesn’t... Read more »

The Naked Truth and 4 Other Exposes in Today's Sports Section

1. The Chicago Bulls have a chance to draft a Festus in the NBA draft. Festus Ezeli, a 6-11 center from Vanderbilt. No word as yet if they’ll take a Marshall Dillon in the second round. 2.  Sammy Sosa owns the Cubs record for strikeouts in a single season at 174.  Shucks!  Old whiffenpoff Adam Dunn... Read more »

UFO: Universe For Obama?

A new survey indicates that  the public lacks confidence in how Mitt Romney would handle immigration.  From outer space.  The survey was done by the National Geographic Channel for its “Chasing UFO’s” which premieres this Friday night. Nearly 2 out of  every 3 people polled would  put their faith, I presume, in the peaceful diplomacy of... Read more »

Gardenia Asthenia: A Gardener Plays God

Eve was enticed by a serpent to eat the fruit of the tree in the middle of the Garden of Eden. I didn’t see any serpents around  when I fell for a gardenia at Fasel’s Nursery in Oak Lawn.  This  gardenia was a beauty  with a brigade of flower buds ready to burst open. Who knew what was... Read more »

An Olympian in the English Garden

Note: According to the article “A Nose for the Rose” in the Chicago Tribune Sunday Magazine, Michael Marriott , head rosarian of David Austin Roses, can discriminate five English  rose fragrances: myrrh, fruity, musk, old rose, and tea rose. There’s a guy in Great Britain whose nose Can distinguish the smells of the rose. His olfactory sense... Read more »

A Very Special Commencement Address

President Obama delivered a pair of  commencement speeches this year. At Barnard College and at the Air Force Academy.  Our president is a gifted orator.  His speeches were dynamic and inspirational. .  But it was a Boston high school teacher  who stole his thunder and delivered the most talked about commencement speech of 2012.  The so-called “You’re... Read more »

The Open Road: A Baseball Chantey

From the Tribune Sports Pages: Team president Theo Epstein concedes that the Cubs have an obvious “talent deficit” and must build from within the organization. I sing of what’s real, O. I sing of what is, O. O Cubs make some deal, O. Or bring up A. Rizzo.

Nun Sense Challenges Republican Nonsense

I remember the nuns I had at St. Pancratius grammar school(no longer extant) on the southside of Chicago. They were the  Franciscan Sisters of Cunegunde.  Their names I don’t recall, with one exception, Sister Narsissus, a diminuative nun who taught 1st grade. I met her  years later on a bus  and towered over her. She was much older.  But... Read more »

Greeting the Summer With Grog

Celebrate the summer solstice Like the ancient Druid. On the longest day enjoy An alcoholic fluid.

My Wife Breaks Out of a Tough Break

It’s been almost two months since my wife,  Julie,  tripped over the dog and broke her upper arm.  The X-rays showed  her left  humerus with multiple cracks bordering the shoulder joint.  She fell in the kitchen at dinnertime. Our dog, Bailey— who would qualify for pet Medicare  if there were such a thing,—was  sitting near the table, which is his ritual, waiting for... Read more »